WWE Raw: JBL & Stone Cold Steve Austin Returns!

March 8th, 2011 - 12:32 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Mar 7 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The Undertaker stepped out to the ring in all his dark chilliness as WWE Monday Night Raw began last night. Of course he was there to address Triple H’s insistence that he was going to beat Taker at Wrestlemania, and end his winning streak. Taker played a clip to remind everyone of what happened the last time someone tried to beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, when Sean Michaels lost to the Undertaker. Taker told Triple H that at Wrestlemania, he will rest in peace.

The Nexus was seen back stage attacking Randy Orton who was knocked out cold. Punk ordered the Nexus members to pick Randy Orton’s limp body up and drag him to the ring. The gang did as they were told, and the barely conscious Orton told the referee that he was ready for the match, although he could barely stand. The bell rang, the match started, and Otunga began the assault on Randy all over again. Just like the Viper he is, however, Orton won the match, but the Nexus were quick to come out and take him down once again. Nevertheless, Orton has managed to keep one more Nexus member out of Wrestlemania, and managed to kick Otunga in the skull the same way he did McGillicutti last week.

Christian then made his way to the ring to face Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio came out with the huge Brotus Clay at his side. The bad blood between Del Rio and Christian goes way back, since Del Rio put Christian out of commission for so long. Del Rio told Christian that if he wants to fight Del Rio, he must first go through Brotus Clay. Soon the battle between Brotus and Christian was underway. Christian won the match with a tornado DDT, but Del Rio rushed into the ring and struck down the unprepared Christian.

Michael Cole was ready to make his announcement of whom he would choose to be the guest referee in his match against Jerry the King Lawler at Wrestlemania. He claimed that he had serious conversations with the man and he had promised to call the match right down the middle. The man is a former WWE Champion, he is a legend, and is a Texan, like Cole. As Cole began to lead the crowd in a cheer for Stone Cold Steve Austin, he laughed at them, and then announced his real choice for guest referee…Multi millionaire, John Bradshaw Layfield, better known as JBL.

Just as JBL ranted on and on about how fair and unbiased he would be, Stone Cold Steve Austin burst from backstage, and swaggered to the ring. Cole bean to whine, “This was supposed to be my night!” Austin knocked out JBL with a Stone Cold Stunner, and as Michael Cole cried from the side of the ring, Austin signed the contract, to be the guest referee in Cole’s match with Lawler. Then, as Cole continued to whine, Austin walked ot the sidelines, shook Cole’s hand, wished him, “Good luck with your match,” and gave him some beer to go with his whine….by pouring two can over Cole’s head.

Sheamus lost his match with Daniel Bryan last night, but promises that if he loses in a match with Bryan next week, he will quit. R Truth then came out to face CM Punk, who own the match with a submission move. Of course, the Nexus attacked R Truth as soon as the match was over, trying to injure his arm.

Dolph Zigler held his own in a match against John Morrison, as the fired Vickie Guerrero sat at the announcer’s bench. After hearing that ‘Jersey Shore’s Snookie’ would be on Raw soon, she stated that Snookie “better keep her eyes off my man…or my men that I have been involved with.” Meanwhile, Zigler won his match. As Vickie stepped into the ring to congratulate him, the anonymous GM interrupted, and told Vickie that although he had hired Dolph, he had not hired Vickie. But the General Manager did give Vickie one chance. She will be hired by Raw if she can win next week in a match with Trish Stratus!! As she screamed in protest, security escorted her from the ring.

John Cena was back once again to address the Rock, who responded last week to Cena’s rap attack. He made fun of the Rock omnce again, for getting so angry with Cena. So Cena decided that since it angered the Rock so much to be addressed in Rap, he would instead address him in Hip Hop. Cena made a few remarks which were a bit shocking, and showed off a T-Shirt for the Rock which said “I Bring It…..via Satellite. Just as Cena finished it off by telling the Rock he had brought a knife to a gun fight, the Miz attacked Cena from behind. Miz stated that if Rock were there, he would attack him too, and turned to the camera to address the Rock, and remind him that he is only the host…but Miz is the Champion.

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