WWE Raw: Fatal 4Ways & Chamionships

January 8th, 2011 - 1:03 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Jan 8 (THAINDIAN NEWS) WWE Monday Night Raw began last night with fans all over the world wondering who would be the “last man standing” to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship. As Edge stepped out, the master manipulator seemed determined to win the match. But of course, all of the contestants would feel the same way, as did Kane who made his way to the ring as well, with flames bursting behind him.

Kane and Edge faced off staring at each other after Edge spent a moment looking at his “World Heavyweight Championship” belt, before the bell rang three times, signaling the match’s beginning. It is very rare fro WWE to open a free televised event, or even a pay per view event, with a championship match, but the winner of this match would get to keep that belt.

Soon into the match, Edge kicked Kane out of the ring, and managed to keep him down for the referee’s count to six. But Edge followed Kane out just then, and attacked. Kane deflected the attack, and suddenly Edge was being counted out. That count got to four, before the superstars were at it again. In this type of match, anything in the arena can be used as a weapon, and the match can take place anywhere in the arena, the count begins as soon as either man is down.

The fight made it’s way back to the halls, backstage of the arena, and the two men continued to beat each other against concrete block walls, and onto the floor. They made their way back out to the audience, climbing the stairs as fans scrambled to get out of the way. Edge and Kane soon made their way to the top of the building, and continued their savage assaults on each other. Using trash cans, walls, cement floor, and anything else they could grab as weapons, these two fighters continued the bitter battle which began when Edge kidnapped Kane’s father, Paul Bearer, and exploded when Edge’s antic caused Kane to accidentally cause Paul’s death.

Of course the match soon made it’s way back into the ring, after several near count-outs by the ref. But the continued counting was not over, as both men were thrown, tossed, and choke-slammed to the ring floor many times, starting the count once again each time. At one point both men were being counted out at the same time, which would have simply meant the the match had to begin again. Edge was finally thrown into the announcer’s table, and appeared to be unconscious. He managed to make it to his feet at “nine.”

Ad Edge climbed into the ring, Kane began to throw steel chairs into the middle of the ring floor. Edge grabbed one, and slammed it into Kane’s skull. Twenty five minutes into the show, and these two veteran wrestlers were still at it. You could literally hear the men panting in pain and exhaustion. Edge continued to hit Kane in the knee, until the other man finally could not get up. Edge retained his World Heavyweight Championship belt because Kane could not get to his feet during the count, due to the injured knee.

Dolph Zigler made his way out to the ring, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero. Kofi Kingston soon followed, and the second match of the night was on. The match was soon won by Kofi Kingston, making him the new Intercontinental Champion. Dolph did not take this so well, and attacked Kofi as Vickie yelled her signature high pitched, “Excuse me!”

Vickie was not about to let this go down, and she announced that since Teddy Long was not there, she was the acting General Manager and she was calling a rematch effective immediately, as Kofi lay on the ring floor from Zigler’s sneak attack. But Kofi soon woke up, and yet again managed to pin Zigler for a three count. Vickie was irate with Zigler, and called him a “two time loser” which Zigler answered with, “Maybe you need to find a new boyfriend.” Zigler walked away to Vickie’s high pitched screaming. Who will Vickie the cougar’s next “boytoy” be?

Drew McEntire had a number one contender’s match last night with Dashing Cody Rhodes and The Big Show in a Triple Threat Match. After all three men had made their way to the ring, Vickie came out screaming that this three way match was now a Fatal Fourway Number One Contender’s Match, with her boyfriend, Dolph Zigler as the fourth competitor. Maybe Vickie found a way to make up with her boyfriend by offering him a chance at the number one contender’s spot?

Big Show quickly took control as the seven foot giant tossed Cody Rhodes around the ring. The winner of this match is a number one contender to battle with Edge, the World Heavyweight Champion. Throughout the match it was very difficult for any of the other three men to handle the world’s largest athlete. But Wade Barrett came from no where, and attacked Big Show from behind, and completely changed the complexion of the whole match. The move by Barrett did not make much sense, as there had been no real battles between the two men, nor the Nexus before last night. After the assault, it was difficult for the Big Show to regain momentum, and Zigler pinned Cody Rhodes as Show’s back was turned, making Dolph the number one contender to face Edge.

Kelly Kelly’s match against LayCool did not go so well for Kelly and Layla and Michelle McCool won. As usual for these two, they were not satisfied with just a won, and continued to torture and humiliate Kelly, until Drew McEntire came out and ordered them, “Go to your room!” They left the ring as he comforted Kelly. Is a new romance sparking on Raw?

Next, it was time for Alberto Del Rio’s match against Rey Mysterio. It was a “Best Two Out of Three Falls” match which meant the two men would wrestle until one of them had fallen twice. The other man would them be the winner. Del Rio won the first match with a tap out by Rey. Mysterio soon evened the odds by winning the second match, meaning that the winner of the next match wins the whole thing.

Del Rio won the match when his ring announcer, who was laying on the floor, held Mysterio’s leg as the ring announcer counted him out. The referee could not see that Rey was not able to get back into the ring sue to the announcer. Rey continued to beat the announcer down all over the arena as Del Rio just stood by and watched. Rey tossed the announcer, Rodriguez into the ring, and completed a ‘619′ on the man, as Del Rio did nothing to help his personal ring announcer.

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