WWE Raw: Del Rio vs CM Punk/ R Truth & Miz Reinstated

October 11th, 2011 - 2:18 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Oct 11 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Alberto Del Rio made his way to the ring last night on ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ in yet another brand new car, a 2012 BMW, a one hundred thousand dollar automobile. CM Punk then made his way to the ring to meet Del Rio. At the beginning of the show, Punk had supported Triple H along with Cena, and Sheamus. McMahon came out to the ring, however, and relieved Triple H of his duties of Raw, and appointed John Laurenaitis as interim general manager.

As Punk and Del Rio faced off, Del Rio seemed to be trying to avoid the fight abit, as Punk motioned at him, yelling, “Come on!” The match was soon at somewhat of a stale mate. As the two men battled it out in the ring, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler argued over the fact that JR had been fired by Laurenaitis. Cole felt that it was wonderful, Lawler disagreed.

Meanwhile, Del Rio had Punk in a headlock, which was soon reversed as Punk slammed Del Rio, who kicked out at two. Punk wrapped his leg around Del Rio’s neck and held him in the center of the ring floor. As Del Rio escaped, and went to the ropes, CM Punk ran at him, losing momentum, and flipping outside the ring. Laurenaitis interrupted the match and made it into a tag team match against Miz and R Truth, whom John Laurenaitis had re-instated.

As soon as the match began, Del Rio and Punk began to dominate the match. It did not take long for the table to run however, and Truth punched Del Rio repeatedly before tagging in Miz, who continued the abuse. Del Rio managed to kick Miz in the face, and held him for a two count. Punk was then tagged in. Punk continued the assault on Miz, holding him down with a boot on Miz’s throat. Punk also got a count of two.

Del Rio soon limped out of the ring, holding his right knee and leaving Punk to face Mix and R Truth alone. The crowd chanted for Punk as the other two men continued to wear Punk down. Punk was clearly being punished for his support of Triple H. As the bell rang and both men were still beating on Punk, Triple H came running into the ring, and began to help Punk destroy Truth and Miz. Miz and Truth ran away as Punk and Triple H formed an unlikely alliance, shaking hands in the ring.

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