WWE Raw: CM Punk/ Triple H Spat, WWE Champ Decision

August 2nd, 2011 - 2:14 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Aug 2 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ began last night, we were reminded of the event which lead up to John Cena and CM Punk both holding WWE Championship Belts. It is the first time in WWE history that there have been two legitimate WWE Champions. CM Punk made his way to the ring with his belt as the crowd was torn between booing and cheering. “The Champ is here!” Punk yelled, with a mixed reaction from the crowds. Punk then sat in the middle of the ring. “And now the 64 million dollar question, ‘Why, after everything I did and everything I said, why did I come back?’” Punk said.

He explained that he had known for some time exactly when his WWE contract would end. He said that he loved the place where he worked, but hated the people in charge. He said that leaving as he did gave him the chance to speak his mind, and maybe cause a little bit of change. Punk credited himself with being a part of Vincent McMahon being replaced by Triple H. He said that the audience also helped make that chance, and the he was here to “make this fun again” for the audience.

Punk shared that as proud as he was of the way he voiced his opinion, he realized that his voice needed to be heard in the WWE. He added that he realized he could not change the WWE for the better while sitting on his couch. So he made the phone call to bring himself back to the WWE. He pointed out that in his shirt absence, that John Cena was already parading around with a WWE Belt. He claimed that Cena does not deserve the title, and that what Cena has is a belt, but that Punk has the Championship Title, which he called the “most important title in the world.” He called himself “The one, the only WWE Champion.”

Just then, Triple H came out to interrupt Punk’s rant. Triple H had promised the Smackdown audience Friday night that he would clear up the fact the the WWE had two Champions last night on Raw. As Triple H made his way to the ring, the crowd was on their feet. “Let’s here it for him, H H H is the O O O!” Punk shouted. Triple H took the mic and let the crowd and Punk know that the reason why he resigned him, JR and John Morrison was that it was good for business. The WWE Universe wanted it, and so they got it. When it came to his own personal feelings, Triple H thinks Punk is a smug, overrated, attention seeking, guy who puts a little bit too much stock in his own hype.” Punk said it must be like looking in the mirror for Triple H. Triple H told him that the only reason he went through the whole process of resigning and coming back was to hear the sound of his own voice.

CM Punk once again called himself THE WWE Champion, which Triple H corrected, and reminded Punk that he was not the only Champion. John Cena is also the WWE Champion. Triple H promised to remedy that situation later in the night, but Punk called him back. Punk informed Triple H that he would not be “shutting up” just because he signed a contract. He accused Triple H of hugging the spotlight all through out his career. He told Triple H that he was a bully who liked to throw his weight around and push people, and “be careful who you push, because you know I like to push back.” Triple H refused to let Punk goad him into a fight, however, pointing out that his position as CEO of WWE gave him certain responsibilities that he was not going to shirk. He warned Punk not to break the rules, either. “Or what?” Punk asked before leaving the ring, “You gonna fire me? Or do you have to go ask your wife first?” In an interview later, Triple H made the point that people had been using the fact the Stephanie McMahon was his wife in arguments for ten years, and told Punk to “Get some new material” because that didn’t bother him one bit.

As the show came to an end, Triple H came to the ring to announce what his decision was on the choice of who would be the rightful holder of the WWE Championship title. He had already sent a message to John Cena to “keep it all business” and had a very determined look on his face as he prepared for his announcement. The WWE.com poll showed that the WWE Universe felt that John Cena deserved to be Champion, by 54%. But the Game, Triple H holds the deciding vote, as CEO of the company. As he was about to make his announcement, he was interrupted by the executive vice president of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis. John shared that he had worked closely with Vince McMahon for many years and he knew how Vince would want Triple H to handle the situation. “Strip the WWE Championship title from John Cena.”

Just then, Cena came out to interrupt John Laurinaitis. Cena pointed out that John Laurinaitis had been here for ten long years as Vince’s “Yes man.” He said that the reason that John John Laurinaitis wanted him stripped of his title because Cena hit him in a former match at ‘Money in the Bank’. He told Laurinaitis that he would not be stripped of his title, and that if he lost it, it would be because he lost it fairly. As John Cena threatened to punch Laurinaitis in the face again, Triple H said, “Don’t look at me, I haven’t got a problem with it.” As Laurinaitis left, Triple H said that he would not strip John of the title. He said it would be settled at Summer Slam. WWE Champion John Cena vs WWE Champion CM Punk. “One match, one title, one undisputed Champion,” Triple H said before leaving the ring.

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