WWE RAW: Cena’s Rap Back to Rock (Full Text, Video)

February 22nd, 2011 - 12:20 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Feb 22 (THAINDIAN NEWS) John Cena stepped out to the roars of the crowd as last night’s episode of ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ began. He was fired up after his victory in the Elimination Chamber, which means that he is on his way to Wrestlemania. He will face The Miz for the WWE Championship. But Cena went on to explain that his victory was bittersweet, since everyone was wondering what he is going to do about The Rock talking about him last week.

Cena laughed, “I was actually going to let it slide, I mean, he’s “The Rock.” Cena then showed the footage from last week, where the Rock made his verbal attack on Cena, making fun of him and several other WWE stars. Cena seemed to be shocked at the Rock’s antics, and stated, “I think I should probably say something about that, right?” The crowd cheered him on, as he said he only knows one way to call someone out. “I still do have a degree in Thugonomics.” And John Cena delivered a rap backlash as The Rock which is sure to be seen millions of times on YouTube this week. Here are the lyrics:

Finally the Rock came back and everyone was getting with it.

Till he said I was talking trash, but he was never specific.

It was because I wasn’t talking trash Rock, I was talking truth.

You left us hanging high and dry to play a fairy with a tooth?

And then you walk into this ring and say that I’m lame man?

He wore lipstick in Get Shorty and rocked a skirt for the Game Plan.

This Fruity Pebble that you are dealing with . . .

I’m not the average Jabroni

I’m like a big purple pinwheel so go ahead and blow me.

And you’re electrifying, yes.

But hang with me, that’s just absurd.

Now you gotta tell your family

That you got schooled by Barney’s turd.

Cena says that’s Rock material, you can have the joke back.

Just don’t go racing to Witch Mountain because your mountain is Brokeback.

The Rock’s new movie well, it’s nothing like Walking Tall.

He spends all movie in a bowling alley polishing my balls.

The People’s Champ, he’s never with the people.

Rock, you’re words are see through.

You imitate me every time you leave.

For seven years we couldn’t see you.

Is it Rock or is it Dwayne.

Pick a side come on son.

If I was you I would stick with Rock

Because Dwayne ain’t got a John. . . son.

You’ll see me at Wrestlemania.

Well then I’ll make sure not to miss it.

You ain’t gonna whip my candy a$$.

I’ll make sure you kiss it.

You’re the Wrestlemania Host Rock.

That’s your role, so know it.

You tell these people you love em

I’m here every week to show em

That’s called a first round knockout and now you know I’m not playing.

Run your mouth all you want dude, it doesn’t matter what you’re saying.

You can see the video embedded below.

John Morrison and CM Punk were next in the ring, and the match was won by CM Punk, who called out “Randall Keith Orton” and said he has decided to give “his new Nexus” the night off. He promised it was not a set up, and asked for Randy Orton to meet him in the ring. But of course, once Orton showed up, the Core did as well, and Punk ran from the ring to “hide” behind his team.

Del Rio seemed to be trying to break Kofi Kingston’s arm during the next match. Alberto De Rio tried to end Kofi’s career last night in the Elimination Chamber, and managed to be victorious over Kofi then as well. As Miz came to the ring to sing his own praises once again, the anonymous Raw general manager announced that the WWE Tag Team Championship will be defended against a very odd tag team..The Miz, and John Cena.

The “Mystery” of the commercials which featured Johnny Cash singing, “ Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down” was revealed as the Undertaker made his huge comeback. The Dead Man made his way to the ring dressed in his usual trench coat and Amish style hat as the crows cheered him on. You may remember The Undertaker was buried alive by his “brother” Kane a few months back and was feared to be leaving wrestling for good. Most, however, anticipated his return in time for Wrestlemania.

And it seems to be the time for comebacks, since as soon as the Undertaker’s music stopped, the fans suddenly heard , “Time to play the Game!” as Triple H, also known as “The Game” came out. He has been gone even longer than Taker. The crowd came alive at the return of both men. The two men stared off in the ring as members of the WWE Universe cheered for their favorite. Then they both turned to stare at the sign which read “Wrestlemania.”

Soon these classic wrestling stars began throwing up their own kind of signs, with The Undertaker motioning his thumb in a slashing manner across his neck at the Game, and The Game raising his arms, and them lowering them quickly into the former sign of DX. Will these two super stars face off at Wrestlemania? There is bad blood between these two, since Taker retired The Game’s former partner and DX member, Sean Michaels.

Soon it was announced that Hacksaw Jim Duggan is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame along with Sean Michaels this Saturday night. After the news, Michael Cole prepared to interview Jerry the King Lawler. Jerry walked out to the ring just a few days after losing his mother, and lost in the Elimination Chamber to the Miz.

Cole continually shot derogatory statements to Jerry in question form, which Jerry just ignored…until Michael Cole asked him if he felt bad for losing as his deceased mother watched from the heavens. At the moment, Jerry grabbed the lapels of Micheal’s suit, and demanded a match with him. Michael refused, “You’ll never get me in the ring.” At that point, Jerry called him a “gutless yellow coward” and Cole took off his jacket, and threw something in Jerry’s face, and then ran away as the crowd cheered, “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!” Jerry then sat down to take Cole’s place at the announcer’s table.

Gabriel and Heath of the Core were then in the ring and ready to do battle with Cena and the Miz for their Tag Team Championship belts. The match was soon won by Cena and the Miz, much to Cena’s amazement, since Miz actually made the winning tag. Wade Barrett came out to announce that the Core was going to invoke their rematch clause for the tag team titles immediately, and the anonymous general manager interrupted to approve the match.

Miz seemed so determined to keep all the glory once again that he refused to tag in Cena, and was weakening quickly. By the time Miz actually tried to tag, he was too beaten down to make the tag, and the Core members kept him in their corner. As he finally broke through and made the tag, John Cena came into the ring on fire, and went to work on Heath Slater, but the Miz slammed Cena into the mat from behind, and left Cena in the ring alone with the Core members, losing the match on purpose just to strike first at Cena, on their road to Wrestlemania.

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