WWE Monday Night Raw:Toby Keith Stars After Bragging Rights

October 26th, 2010 - 12:20 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Oct 26 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As WWE Monday Night Raw began last night, the Nexus came out, with Barrett introducing each member. The crowd was cheering for Cena, much to the dislike of the Nexus leader. Barrett refused to give a reason for why they helped Kane at Bragging Rights, and went on to make Cena explain how he won the match against Randy Orton at the pay per view event and yet Barrett still lost the title.

An email from the General Manager stated that Wade Barrett was entitled to a rematch, but that there would be a guest referee which would be chosen by last night’s main event. Randy Orton vs any member of Nexus. The crowd chanted, “Cena! Cena! Cena!” and for once, Barrett agreed.

To settle the dispute by Otunga concerning the WWE Tag Team Championship which he had won with Cena, Barrett made Otunga lie down in the middle of the ring, but Otunga did not agree at all. As Barrett made his request into an order, Otunga grudgingly went towards the middle of the ring, and with Cena saying “Don’t do it,” Otunga laid down, and Slater pinned him. The new Tag Team Champions are now Slater and Gabriel.

Daniel Bryan and Dolph Zigler were back at it again last night, after Zigler lost to Bryan at Bragging Rights on Sunday. Daniel once again pulled some amazing moves on Zigler, and Vickie Guerrero was livid at ringside. In what turned out to be an all out brawl, both men had several two counts apiece. Bryan won the match, although Zigler’s leg was on the bottom rope, where Vickie put it, but the referee did not see it.

Toby Keith was last night’s guest star on Raw, and he listened with laughter as Santino sang his Country and Western song about his true spaghetti. Toby looked on as Sheamus challenged Santino to a match, after which Toby wished Santino luck.

Barrett told Cena during a break that if he beats Orton, that he will make him an offer he cannot refuse. The statement was made by Barrett as Cena expressed his disgust with being Barrett’s “errand boy” and said he would rather quit the WWE. Will Barrett offer Cena a way out of the misery of being a Nexus member?

A tag team match-up was soon underway between Melina and Gail Kim against LayCool….Layla and Michelle McCool. LayCool won it quickly as Michelle pinned Melina for the three count. Soon after, The Miz came out to give a really long rant about how awesome he believes himself to be. he and Eve sparred verbally for a while, during which Eve told Miz he was a “frog-faced loser”.

R True came out to challenge Miz, saying, “I would like to have a piece of Mr. Kermit.” The General Manager interrupted by email, and stated, “Ding Ding Ding,” which implied the ringing of the bell, to start the match between these two men. After a pretty long battle, the Miz won the match. Toby Keith came to the ring and greeted Green Bay just before Santino and Sheamus began their match. Santino won, with a little help .

It was finally time for the main event match between John Cena and Randy Orton. Barrett watched from ringside, which drew the attention of Orton quite a few times. Cena seemed to be at his breaking point earlier, and simply must win this match to have the chance to find out what Barrett’s offer will be.

Cena soon began to dominate the match, and looked more like the old John Cena which the fans all know and love. Cena tossed Orton out of the ring,m and Barrett walked over to Orton. Cena quickly shoved Barrett away from Orton to avoid being disqualified. Barrett is determined for Cena to win, however, since Cena’s victory will mean that Barrett can choose the guest referee at his re-match for the WWE Championship.

Once again, Barrett tried to interfere and once again Cena jumped on him. As Cena was distracted, Orton drop kicked him. But Cena managed to counter an RKO, and slammed Orton to the floor of the ring. Just as Orton was about to kick Cena in the head when Barrett slammed Cena to the floor, causing Cena to win by disqualification.

So Barrett got to choose the special guest referee for his match with Orton for the Championship battle with Orton at Survivor Series. He chose Cena, and stated that if he does not win the WWE title, Cena will be fired on the spot, but if Barrett does win the title, Cena will be released from the Nexus.

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