WWE Monday Night RAW: Smackdown vs Raw Battle Royal

October 19th, 2010 - 12:35 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Oct 19 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As WWE Raw began to air live last night, both the members of the Monday night wrestling roster as well as those who are on Friday Night Smackdown were preparing for this Sunday’s competition known as ‘Bragging Rights’ which will be held between the two teams.

Teddy Long, the General Manager for Smackdown came out into the Raw area and announced that he was taking over Raw. Within seconds, Michael Cole’s laptop began to alert, and Cole read from the anonymous General Manager of Raw, “Get out of my ring. Get out of my ring now!” the email from the GM stated to Teddy Long.

But the top seven from Smackdown’s team, led by The Big Show came out to join Long, followed closely by the top seven of Raw’s team, The Miz. A standoff ensued until The Big Show announced that Smackdown would willingly leave the ring if the captain of Team Raw, Miz, would agree to a match with the captain of team Smackdown, The Big Show. The match was made official as the main event for last night’s show.

Several other matches ensued, including one in which Drew McEntire and Cody Rhodes won against The Hart Dynasty. Gold Dust also made his way to the ring accompanied by Oksana, whom he has agreed to marry in order to help her manage her deportation issues so that she may remain in the United States. Gold Dust also recently stole the ‘Million Dollar Championship’ from Ted Dibiase, which Oksana was holding onto tightly during the match, for safekeeping.

Gold Dust quickly won his match against Zack Rider, but Ted Dibiase was waiting in the wings, and slammed Gold Dust, only to be beaten up by the strange black and gold painted wrestler. In the meantime, Maryse chases Oksana out of the arena, trying to get the Million Dollar Championship back for her man.

John Cena makes his way to the ring for his match as a tag team partner with Randy Orton against Husky Harris, and Michael McGillicutty, who are the ones which caused Cena to end up with the ‘Nexus’ after costing him the match against Barrett which decided his fate. The Nexus all walks out to watch on.

John starts of dominating the match with a lethal look on his face as he takes out all of the frustration of having to deal with the humiliation by The Nexus on his opponents who put him in that position. But Harris and McGillicutty badly wish to impress Wade Barrett, since they wish to join the Nexus, and so they give it their all. They seem to be winning, as a broken Cena tries to tag Orton.

The tag is finally a success and a fired up Orton takes the ring, slams McGillicutty, and becomes the Viper which everyone known him to be. The match was soon won by Orton and Cena, and Cena reached to shake Orton’s hand.

Just at that moment, Wade Barrett ordered Cena not to shake hands with Orton, and demanded Cena leave the ring. As Cena watched helplessly from the announcer’s table, The Nexus came out and took Orton apart like a pack of wild dogs. Barrett will face Orton Sunday night at Bragging Rights for the WWE Championship, and earlier, Orton had already warned Cena that if he got in Orton’s way, Orton would kick in his skull. “You even try to kick me with that leg and I’ll break it off,” Cena answered.

Suddenly, Barret order Cena to come into the ring and perform his move ‘The Attitude Adjustment’ on Orton. Regretfully, Cena stepped into the ring. He has no choice since the GM told Cena previously that if he did not obey Barrett, he would be fired. But as Cena lifted Orton up for the move, Barret stated, “Wait, I don’t want you stealing my spotlight, give him to me.” So Cena did, and Barret finished the move as Cena left the ring.

It was finally time for the main event, the match between the two captains, Miz and The Big Show. But as the match started, most of the entire roster of both Smackdown and Raw made their way to the ring, making it difficult for a fair match to go on. Teddy Long had a solution; and announced a live, Battle Royale between Smackdown and Raw to go on right then.

The Battle went on for quite a while with many casualties, but in the end, it was won by Edge and The Big Show for Team Smackdown.

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