WWE Monday Night Raw: Hell in a Cell Aftermath

October 5th, 2010 - 1:21 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

As the night opened on WWE Monday Night Raw, many fans were disappointed to discover that John Cena had lost his wager with Wade Barrett during Hell in a Cell over the weekend. This means that Cena must join the Nexus. And Nexus did not waste anytime coming out to brag.

When Wade Barrett called Cena out, however he was not wearing a Nexus shirt. He had no music, no smile, no salute, and looked completely disgusted. Wade reminded Cena that he is a man of his word, and that he has promised to become a member of Nexus if Wade won. He even told John Cena that he would soon realize that this was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Cena was told that he must read the statement which they had given him to read to the public. He took the mic, and began to speak. “I John Cena hereby acknowledge that I am officially a member of the Nexus. Any enemy of the Nexus is now an enemy of mine. As for my fans, I hope you stand by me, because the fact of the matter is, you’re either Nexus or against us.” He spoke in a monotone voice, and seemed very upset.

Barrett then told him to choose his tag team partner for the evening, for a match against Mark Henry and Evan Bourne. He chose Michael Tarver. The match was called immediately. John tagged Tarver and stated, “Show me the Nexus way.” He did not seem to want to fight. Soon Mark Henry was getting the best of Tarver, as John smirked, and looked on, sarcastically “reaching” for the tag.

As Tarver reached for Cena, he backed away from the tag, and Mark Henry went back to work.

Cena obviously had no interest in the tag. The next time Tarver reached for the tag, John stepped down and signed an autograph. As Henry slammed Tarver, Cena greeted his fans, and the team of Henry and Bourne won, as the crowd cheered.

Then John made his own statement.He said that he appreciated the Nexus writing him uop a little note, but that he had his own words to say, “It goes a little something like this- I John Cena, as the newest member of Nexus plan on doing one thing and one thing only while I am a member of this group; destroying it from within. Tonight I prove that you can be Nexus AND against us.” He then slammed Tarver like a freight train. Cena seemed to have been insane as he attacked Tarver.

Then the general manager emailed in. Michael Cole seemed scared to tell John what the email said. The general manager pretty much told Cena that he must take direction from Barrett or, Cena would be fired. Cena contemplated as the crowd cheered “Never give up!” over and over. He then looked at his Nexus armband, and walked away from the ring.

Back stage, Cena said he didn’t know what to do. “I can’t not be in the WWE. But then again, he said, and then ran off. But Nexus stopped him, and told him that they had much to talk about.

The general manager made an interesting announcement to Edge as well. He had traded him to Smackdown. Edge’s response was exhilaration. He was glad to get away from the “gutless general manager” and Raw. So Edge will be moving to the SyFy channel too!

Otunga sat down later with Cena, and told him that this was not the end, and that Nexus is not all bad. He told Cena that if he ever needed to talk, Otunga was there for him. Cena had been ordered to help Barrett in the next match, a twenty man over the rope Battle Royal. If he did not take Barrett’s order, he will be fired.

John Morrison, R Truth, Vladimir Koskov, Santina, Sheamus, (John Cena’s music began, but he did not come out. The Nexus, including Cena, still in his own shirt came out when Nexus music began.) Several others, including Regal and Mark Henry came out until there were twenty men, and the battle ensued. The winner faces Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in three weeks.

Cena saved Barrett from being thrown out by Mark Henry. Henry was thrown out by Nexus, and Otunga began to yell at Cena for not helping them toss Henry. So Cena tossed Otunga. The battle ensued, and once again John Cena saved Barrett from elimination. The crowd was not sure whether to cheer Cena on or “boo” his actions.

The crowd bagan to chant Cena’s name, when it was down to Barrett, Sheamus, Morrison, and Cena. Barret eliminated Morrison, and then there were three. Sheamus put Cena into the Irish Curse, and the crowd chanted “Cena” again. Cena eliminated Sheamus, the crowd chanted his name, and he turned to face Barrett.

If Cena wins, he could be fired. Would he forfeit to Barrett? Barrett began to order Cena to jumo over the top rope. Cena faced him down, the crowd went wild, and Cena backed up, looking furious as the crowd raged on. He turned, trembling in fury, and climbed over the ropes, and jumped down, making Barrett the winner. “He had no choice!” Jerry “The King” Lawler exclaimed.

Just then, Randy Orton’s music began, and the champion marched out to the ring to face off with Barrett. Barrett will face Orton in three weeks.

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