WWE Monday Night Raw: Aftermath of TLC

December 21st, 2010 - 1:05 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Dec 21 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The winner of last night’s championship match at TLC, and still WWE Champion, The Miz made his way to the ring as Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler cringed at the thought of The Miz still holding the belt. Of course Miz had to rub it in for a bit to the audience, who mostly “booed” their opinions. Alex Riley came out dressed as ‘The Ghost of Christmas Past’ to show Miz the error of his ways by going back and showing Miz a few things he had been somewhat underhanded in to get his win.

Michael Cole came out next, dressed as ‘The Ghost of Christmas Present’ to tell Miz that he had gained his Championship through “nefarious” means and he should be ashamed. Miz claimed that “the truth is” Randy Orton has underestimated him. But just then, the Ghost of Christmas Future came in the face of the angry little girl whom Miz had angered when he took the title from Orton. She insisted the John Morrison, the new number one contender was going to beat him. But Miz still would not listen. John Morrison came out to inform Miz, “I’ve beat you in the past, I’ve beat you in the present, and I will beat you in the future, and at that time I will become the WWE Champion.”

The General Manager emailed via Michale Cole’s announcement, to inform Miz that he would face his ghosts in a six man match with Miz, Sheamus and Alex Riley against Morrison, Orton and Jerry The King.

Daniel Bryan and William Regal went at it in a pretty even match-up. Regal has not been around as much lately, and seeing him against the United States Champion was quite a treat. William Regal’s experience against Bryan’s skill made for a very interesting battle which was not soon over. In the end, skill won over experience, and Daniel Bryan stood in the ring with the Bella twins giving him victory kisses.

Santino made his way to the ring with Tamina helping him. His back seemed to be injured. Ted Dibiase followed, accompanied by Maryese. The two couples were ready for their tag team match. Tamina lifted Santino from behind and snapped his back into shape before sending him into the ring. It did not take long for Santino and Tamina to win their very first match together, although it caused Santino’s back to go out again. Tamina threw him over her shoulder, and carried him back stage.

And then John Cena made his way to the ring. The crowd became deafening as the very happy Cena reveled in his victory over Wade Barrett at TLC. Hundreds of fans showed up at the capacity crowd to see the return of the real John Cena, after finally being liberated of the Nexus. For the first time in six months, WWE Monday Night Raw is Nexus free. Cena stated that that fact made him wanna dance, and sing. He began a song and the audience chimed in. Cena went on to show the footage of the TLC match in which he destroyed Barrett. He showed the footage four different times, from different angles and in slow motion.

Vickie and Dolph came out to yell at Cena saying that Cena was not the only one who won a match at TLC. As she continued to try and speak over the audience’s screams for Cena, she threatened to have Dolph beat up Jerry and ended up slapping Cena for the “Vickie’s so fat” jokes which he was making back and forth with Jerry. The GM interrupted and demanded that Dolph and Cena have a match right then. Dolph put up quite a fight, but in the end, Cena walked away victorious once again. Suddenly, from out of no where, CM Punk left the announcers’ table to hit Cena in the back with a steel chair.

The six man battle between The Miz and his ghosts was soon underway. Orton, Morrison and Jerry, set out to teach Miz a lesson about taking the east way out. Sheamus, Miz, and Alex Riley were determined not to let that happen. After an extraordinary fight, Jerry the King Lawler pinned The WWE Champion, the Miz for the win!

The GM announced that Smackdown will be on tonight, Tuesday, on USA, and the Raw roster will have their own contributions, including a match between the Miz and Randy Orton live on Smackdown.

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