WWE Hell in a Cell: WWE World Title - Cena vs Punk vs Del Rio

October 4th, 2011 - 1:43 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Oct 4 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As last night’s WWE pay per view event, ‘Hell in a Cell’ began, The Miz and R Truth showed up looking for trouble. The two former WWE superstars were fired by Chief Operating Officer Triple H after they brutally attacked the several WWE employees and officials. Johnny Ace tossed the two men from the arena in New Orleans, but it is very doubtful that these two will stay away from such a huge event.

As the final match of the night began, Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, and CM Punk prepared for their triple threat match for the WWE World Title. As the match began, Del Rio tried to avoid being a part of the action, and ran away from the other two men. It did not take Cena and Punk long to chase him, and attack him in one corner of the ring. But the two other men did not team up for long, and Punk soon attacked Cena as well. As Cena and Punk seem evenly matched and distracted with each other, Del Rio tried to take advantage of the situation. As Cena went for the ‘Attitude Adjustment on Del Rio, Punk jumped over the top rope, crashing into both Del Rio and Cena, and they all rammed into the cage.

Punk soon pulled off a neck breaker move on Del Rio and then started looking for a weapon. Just as he was about to hit Cena with a chair, Cena managed to stop him. Just then Del Rio jumped into the mix again, and he and Cena battled for a while. Meanwhile, Punk had been slammed into the cage again by Del Rio. Punk came back for an amazing move which had him DDT Del Rio at the same time he slammed Cena.

The three men continued their match for quite some time, with each one showing off amazing skills. Many times it seemed more like Punk and Cena were at a street brawl than a wrestling match, and Del Rio was often the “Odd Man Out.” All of them were able to hold their own, and deliver quite a few of their own wrestling moves. Finally, Del Rio knocked Cena unconscious with a pipe, and then threw him out of the cage and locked it.

Just as Cena came to and realized that he had been locked out of the cage, Del Rio wins the match by hitting Punk in the head. Alberto Del Rio is the new Champion, but his victory party did not last long. As soon as the cage began to rise, John Cena jumped inside and attacked Del Rio. Meanwhile, The Miz and R Truth were back, and launched an attack of their own, on everyone in the ring, including the official. Just as Triple H and many of the WWE Superstars run from back stage to try and stop the two menaces, someone lowers the cage.

The carnage continued as R Truth and Miz continued to beat on those who were caught inside the cage when it was lowered again, Triple H looked very angry as he tried to find out who had lowered the cage, and even a camera man was attacked by Miz and Truth. Finally, the cage is raised again, and police officers enter it, arresting Miz and Truth, who surrender peacefully, looking proud of themselves. Just as they were being escorted out by the cops, Triple H stormed at them, attacking with a vengeance. In the midst of the mess, Triple H knocked John Laurinaitis out cold as well. The carnage continued as the show ended.

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