WWE Friday Night, Nexus Invades Smackdown!

November 6th, 2010 - 2:00 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Nov 5 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As WWE Friday Night Smackdown began last night, a match was beginning between Edge and Alberto Del Rio. From the beginning of the fight, Del Rio seemed to be in control, and even chose to inflict more punishment on Edge at times when he could have gone for the count.

But pretty soon, Edge flips things, as he is known to do, and gets a two count on Del Rio. Just as it seems as though Edge is going to win the match, the Nexus appears out of no where, and attacks both men. After already invading WWE Raw on Monday nights, Otunga announces their intention of taking over Smackdown as well.

But some of the members of Smackdown had other ideas, and The Big Show came from back stage, followed by Rey Mysterio, Kane, and Edge. They all took over the Smackdown ring as Nexus fled in fear.

Teddy Long, the general manager of Smackdown then stepped out to make an announcement of his own. Smackdown would defend their territory from the ring for the main event of the night, in a ten man tag team match between the Nexus members, and Edge, Big Show, Rey, Del Rio, and Kane.

Dolph Zigler made his way to the ring without his usual side kick Vickie. Apparently, Vickie and Katelyn had a huge fight over Dolph on NXT, and she did not wish to come out. The match was quickly won by Dolph, and Katelyn rushed out to congratulate him, although he did not look happy to have her out there.

Vickie came out screaming and slapped Katelyn so hard that she fell down. Dolph stepped between the two women and ordered them to stop. Vickie went straight to Teddy Long and asked for justice, which he gave her. She was to be in a match with Katelyn later in the night. With the weight loss that Vickie had recently had, is she training to be a wrestler now?

A three way match-up came next, with MVP, Dashing Cody Rhodes, and Drew McEntire. Very quickly in the match it was clear that the animosity between Cody and Drew, former tag team champions, would be a great hindrance to both men. They were so busy attacking each other that they each missed out on vital opportunities to take down MVP. He easily took advantage of the situation and won the match.

Vickie and Katelyn came out to fight for the love of Dolph Zigler. Katelyn quickly began to put a serious whipping on Vickie, as Vickie did a lot of screaming. Katelyn continued her assault, and seemed sure to win. Vickie managed to pin her, however, and as the referee counted to three he failed to notice Vickie’s feet on the ropes. Vickie thus won the match.

Meanwhile, Nexus was backstage attacking wrestlers who were caught alone, with Rey Mysterio taking a serious beating. Chris Masters came out to lose a match to Tykler Reks, and soon it was time for the main event.

Otunga revealed that Wade Barrett was visiting his home country. In the meantime, Otunga had plans to show the world that Nexus was about more than John Cena and Wade Barrett. Therefore, he had brought with him four other Nexus members to take over Smackdown.

Since Rey Mysterio was injured by the Nexus backstage, Kofi Kingston was chosen to replace him, and came to the ring with Big Show, Edge, Del Rio, and Kane to defend Smackdown from the Nexus. Big Shows yelled, “I got some for all of you!” as the battle began.

The Big Show easily managed to dominate the ring each and every time he stepped in, but the other Smackdown members were picked off and weakened by the continuous “tagging in” which the Nexus pulled off. Just as it seemed the Nexus might indeed take over Smackdown, Edge won it with a spear to Otunga. Just what will Barrett think when he finds out what Otunga and the Nexus have done?

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