WWE Final Raw Episode of 2010

December 28th, 2010 - 2:19 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Dec 28 (THAINDIAN NEWS) How would the Raw superstars go into the new year? And how did they leave the old one? As Raw’s last episode of 2010 aired last night, live from Albany, NY during a record breaking snowstorm, John Cena’s music was the first theme song played on the show as the star made his way to the ring. His fans went wild, and by the look on his face, it was obvious that Cena was glad to be liberated from the Nexus. He made jokes about CM Punk’s repeated attacks on him, since he did, after all, accidentally spill Punk’s diet soda a few weeks ago, costing Punk at least 75 cents. So he invited CM Punk to the ring, so that his side could be heard.

Punk told Cena that although the audience and millions of Cena fans all thought Cena was a great guy, but that Punk feels Cena is heartless, and self centered. He went on to chat about how Cena had given a teary eyed speech about going home to see his mom and spend time with his family, and yet he kept coming back to WWE. Punk said that this means Cena’s word is useless. Punk discussed how Cena had buried Wade Barrett under 23 steel chairs. Finally, Punk shared the true source of his anger…he said that Cena had ended the career of Batista, but Cena explained that Batista had broken Cena’s neck, and then came back the next night to quit WWE on his own.

Punk told Cena, “You will change and I will facilitate that change.” Punk told him that his behaviour was going to stop, that Punk was going to make it stop. All the while the crowd cheered “Cena, Cena, Cena!” Cena invited Punk to settle the issue right in front of the entire WWE Universe in the ring. But Punk refused to come to the ring, saying that later in the night, “It will be me in that ring, calling you out.” He went on to promise John Cena a night he would never forget.

Ted DiBiase then made his way to the ring, followed by his opponent, Santino. The match was won in a matter of minutes by Santino. John Morrison and Alex Riley took their places in the ring for the next match, which was dominated by Riley for quite a bit of the time. Riley was actually impressive in the match, although he is not a fan favorite. Morrison did managed to come back, however, and prove himself as the seasoned wrestler which he is. The referee had to order Miz to the locker room to stop him from interrupting the match, at which point Morrison easily won. This means Morrison can now choose when he faces the Miz and in what type of match. He called a “Falls Count Anywhere” match next week for the title.

The world’s strongest man, Mark Henry met Tyson Kidd in the ring next, with Tyson accompanied by his seven foot tall bodyguard, Jackson Andrews. Henry immediately slammed Kidd in the head, and knocked him to the floor of the ring. Henry continued to punish Kidd, who soon gave a serious attempt at gaining control by kicking Henry in the head. Henry soon caught Tyson Kidd in midair, and soon won the match. Jackson Andrews stepped into the ring with Henry, who slammed Andrews into the mat as well.

Jerry “The King” Lawler wrestled against Miz next, despite the fact that he had missed his flight and lost his luggage, King was determined to make his match. Miz soon had Lawler down on the floor, but the King managed to fight back for a while. In the middle of the match, John Morrison’s music began to play, and Morrison walked out. Just as the Miz turned to look at John, King attacked, and pulled off three drop kicks to Miz. The presence of Morrison outside the ring was an obvious distraction for Miz, and an advantage for Lawler. Miz was counted out of the ring after Morrison knocked Miz out while the referee’s back was turned, and Lawler won the match.

Soon, Michael Cole received an email from the anonymous General Manager of Raw, and was reading holiday wishes to the fans, when Miz came out of no where to attack Jerry the King Lawler from behind. He beat King down as the crowd booed their displeasure. Finally, several referees came from the back to escort Miz from the ring area.

Randy Orton came out to the ring to meet with Sheamus, to continue the ongoing battle between these two WWE superstars. Randy Orton won the match, after a short fight, with his signature RKO.

And then came time for the surprise which CM Punk had given to John Cena. As John stood in the ring waiting for Punk to appear, the Nexus instead came out, with Otunga in their lead. He explained to John Cena that Nexus was under new management now. Otunga told Cena that he did not want to have conflict with Cena and wanted to start the new year off right.

Otunga offered Cena a truce. Cena told him that he did not believe him, and that he was a manipulative, backstabbing worm of a man, and that he would never trust Otunga. He challenged Otunga to either walk away, or fight, but said there would be no moving forward. And once again, just as a pack of dogs, the Nexus attacked Cena like the replay of a bad dream. And then, after he was already beaten down, out came CM Punk to attack Cena, as a scavenger after the hunt which was conducted by another pack. He then picked up a Nexus armband and placed it on his arm with a wicked grin and a nod to the Nexus members.

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