Wolverine Leak: Who Leaked the Movie Online?

April 1st, 2009 - 11:09 pm ICT by GD  

Wolverine Leak As soon as an unwatermarked free workprint of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked on the internet without a time code, thousands of people rushed to get a version of the upcoming film by Fox. It is difficult to recall the downloads of a file such as this.

This was apparently something that could have happened with other movies before because the post-production process of a movie is surprisingly vulnerable to being leaked. Burned DVDs change hands rapidly and it is difficult to pin down where in the post production process the leak might have happened. It could be a guy working on the film at the digital effects studio, or someone working on the titles, or someone doing the trailers. Or it could be someone at the DVD release studio.

Often such leaks happen because the person who leaks the film has an issue to pick with the production house. It could be a laid off worker or an employer who has had a sudden pay cut. Or it could be a fresh intern who makes a copy for a friend on request. It is easy to rip and distribute a DVD even before the film is scheduled to release and the presence of laptops in the studios and at processing stages makes this easier than can be imagined.

So while studios worry about someone sneaking in a camcorder to the press screening and often employ guards with night vision to track such misdeeds, they fail to realize that the real problem is within their own system. Most other films have been lucky all this while, but unless the security is put on a tighter leash there is little that can be done about such leaks in the future.

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