Will Katherine Heigl be seen in the next season of “Grey’s Anatomy”

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If you want to witness rumors turning out to be true, then just turn on your television. In TV’s every once in a while a rumor turns out to be true. Rumors were flying about that both Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight were thinking of leaving “Grey’s Anatomy” and that is what we got at the end of the season finale episode of, “Grey’s Anatomy”. Izzy Stevens and George O’Malley, both were gone.

The cancer-stricken Izzy Stevens had crashed into the white sheets of her hospital bed and George O’ Malley in the operating room after he was hit by a bus. That is the price you pay for not looking on both sides of the road before crossing it.

In both the cases the two victims have not yet breathed their last. This leaves room for negotiations regarding the contracts and of course for the last moment resurrection. However, if one looks from another perspective, it will not be a very bad thing to let go of the two or let them rest in peace, rather than trying to save them with a miracle and pinch them in for yet another season of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Moreover for a series that makes viewers shed tears every now and then, the cancer-stricken portrayal of Izzy by Katherine Heigal does not touch the heart so much so to make us cry. One reason for this may be attributed to the fact that she had to play this part, “against the backdrop of well-publicized backstage tensions”

Last year itself she had withdrawn from being considered for the Emmys, saying that her role did not have “‘the’ material to justify an award”.

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