Why we love Tricia Walsh-Smith: Life Lessons from Youtube

April 16th, 2008 - 11:56 pm ICT by amritpal  

There are a lot of celebrities, a few stars and even fewer legends. I insist that Tricia Walsh-Smith belongs to the third category. Don’t look at me like this because if you have not realized this now, you will realize this in a few minutes from now when you will complete reading this article.

Like a true legend, Tricia Walsh-Smith has shown she will always fight back even when she is setting world records in absurdity. She leaves no stone unturned in letting people know who is who - like Poor Vulnerable Tricia and her evil stepdaughter. Many of us would feel shy in admitting such stark truths of life but she pours her heart out, tells all about herself - all poor, humble, vulnerbale with only a few million pounds in her pocket, a life without sex, a 50% old husband with weird habits and so much struggle in life. Poor baby, she resigns to her fate and accepts this life also but her destinty had even worse planned for her. Her husband divorces her and she has to be satisfied with only a fraction of the husband’s 30 million pound wealth.

Now you tell me, if you get into such a sad, slave like situation, wouldn’t you do what she has done? She’s definitely a legend. She teaches a lesson to us all.

From now onwards, if a student gets a thrashing from his teacher, he will immediately call up a film production company, script a few dialogues and film the class after the class hours. I give some lines for reference to these kids. ” My teacher has no sympathies towards me because. All the other eveil students get better marks and poor me has to be satisfied with C grade. I have to fight back. And well, you know the teacher never had sex with anyone”. Post it on youtube and you are through.

If your boss says something, just make a video of the office, tell about the promtion which you badly wanted and didn’t get it, throw in some evil colleagues, some sex / sexual facts related (or even unrelated to the boss), and put it on youtube. Now, I am not going to explain each and everything but I guess you get the picture.

In the memory of this great event, I’d like to ask the government to declare the day as TWS day (TWS = Tricia Walsh-Smith) and you tube to start a new TWS channel where people can post their cribs, rants and bitches. In fact, there should be a Youtube bitching competition and the winner gets the TWS trophy. My wishes to TWS for a glorious future!

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