Who’s Trying To Sabotage Kunal Kohli’s Next?

May 15th, 2009 - 1:17 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Who's  Trying To Sabotage Kunal Kohli's Next? By Subhash K Jha

Reports in sections of the media suggesting that Kunal Kohli submitted the same script to Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan have intrigued not just the director but also his colleagues from the filmmaking fraternity who wonder why the two actors needed to make a public issue of the matter, and if Yashraj Films from whom Kunal is supposed to have broken away with some acrimony ,are in way behind these “stall’ tales.

Says a director –colleague also a part of Yashraj once, “I wonder which is more unethical. To give the same script to two actors or for the actors to compare notes and gloat in the press about it?”

Kunal is reluctant to speak on the matter. When coaxed he finally says, “I know Ranbir would never speak to damage my project, regardless of whether he does my film or not.Besides I did not submit the same script to the two actors. ”

That leaves us with the question on why Imran Khan has been comparing notes about his scripts with his colleagues and tomtomming the fact in the press when in fact Kohli says he has just finished his script and will now approach the suitable actor.(Apparently it’s Saif again).

According to Kohli he’s producing two films.One of the subjects is to be directed by Kunal’s assistant while the other is a political satire which he will co-produce with Big Pictures.

A theory doing the rounds is that sections of Yashraj Films from where Kohli broke away last year were spreading the rumours in the bid to stop top actors from working with him.

But Kunal Kohli gives Yashraj a clean chit. “My wife Raveena still works for Yashraj and my relations with them are cordial. Aditya Chopra is too above all these things. But I would like to say that no actor should disclose which project comes to him. Have you ever heard Mr Bachchan or Shah Rukh talking about what they are offered? My Hum Tum went to Hrithik Roshan and Viveik Oberoi before it came to Saif. Did you ever hear those two actors talking about Hum Tum? Are you aware of how many actors were offered Lagaan? All these premature efforts to talk about my cast is just so annoying.”

In brief, Imran Khan’s statements suggesting that Kunal Kohli came to him with the same script that he gave to Imran are premature and unethical.

Over to you, Imran. (The actor remained unavailable for comment). -Sampurn Media
Who's  Trying To Sabotage Kunal Kohli's Next?

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