Who Won ‘WWE Bragging Rights’ & Who Got ‘Buried Alive’?

October 25th, 2010 - 4:40 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Oct 25 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Dolph Zigler and Daniel Bryan started the night off in a match which was dominated by Bryan from the very start. Zigler soon took charge, however, and several “two counts” were reached before the crowd began to cheer “Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan!” Getting his second wind, Bryan came back and won the first match of last night’s ‘WWE Bragging Rights’ pay-per-view.

For the second match of the night, Dashing Cody Rhodes took and Drew McEntire came out to spew of their glory and claim that no tag team in the WWE was fit to wrestle against them. The anonymous General Manager interrupted via email, however and disputed their claims, calling for none-other than David Otunga and John Cena to come out and battle for the Tag Team Championship, which Cena wins with a STFU move to Rhodes. Otunga grabbed the belt and pranced around the ring as if he had won. Cena, obviously disliking Otunga’s actions, slammed his tag team partner, and walked away the ring with both tag team belts.

Ted Dibiase and Golddust came next, with a struggle that was quickly won by Dibiase. This should have meant that Dibiase took possession of the Million Dollar Championship belt once more, however, Maryse and Oksana had been battling it out at ringside, and Oksana took the belt and ran with it once more.

Layla and Natalya had a score to settle in the next match, and Natalya’s power was obvious as she tossed Layla around like a rag doll. As the referee was distracted, however, Michelle McCool hit Natalya in the head, and Layla took advantage of the situation, winning the match.

The much anticipated ‘Buried Alive’ match between Kane and the Undertaker was now underway. The Undertaker came out in his classic black leather hooded cloak, but with Paul Bearer on Kane’s side, would there be any way to stop him?

Undertaker took over the match from the very beginning. The crowd screamed for more adn Taker beat his brother, chasing him out of the ring, into the audience, across the stands, and all over the arena. As Kane stumbled away bleeding, there was no where to run to escape the wrath of the Dead Man.

The fight eventually made it’s way to the grave site where one of the brothers was to be buried alive. the two men keep punching each other in the face, as they both look about ready to fall over. As they both hit ground, Kane begins to drag his brother into the grave, but Taker, the Dead Man, sits up.

Taker pulls Kane into the ‘Hell’s Gate’ submission move, and Kane is soon unconscious. As The Undertaker walks over to shovel dirt on top of his brother, the crowd goes wild. In order to win the match, one of the men must bury the other one alive. But Taker notices Paul Bearer standing there, and goes after him. Just as he is about to toss Paul into the grave on top of Kane, and bury them both, The Nexus comes out for no apparent reason and attacks Taker.

As Nexus beats down the Dead Man, Kane crawls out of the grave. While Nexus members hold Taker, Kane hits him in the head with the urn, and Nexus throws him into the grave. Nexus begins to shovel dirt atop Taker, but Kane yells for them to go away. At Kane’s command, and entire dozier scoop full of dirt buries the Dead Man alive. But how can a Dead Man be buried “alive”. Will the Undertaker return from the grave once again?

After a break to recover from the epic battle between brothers, it is time for the ‘7 on 7 Raw vs Smackdown Elimination Match’ for the coveted ‘Bragging Rights’ trophy. The Miz, CM Punk, John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson, Santino, R True, and Sheamus made their way to the match for ‘Team Raw’, with The Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Tyler Reks, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio and Edge coming out for ‘Team Smackdown’. After a serious battle between the two teams, the match was down to Rey and Edge against Miz. And Edge won the trophy for Smackdown.

Finally, it was time for the World Championship match. Wade Barrett would be battling against Randy Orton, and per the stipulations of the ‘Hell in a Cell’ match which Barrett won against John Cena, Cena must do anything Barret orders him to do, or he will be fired from the WWE. As the match begins, Barrett tells Cena, “If I don’t win this match, I will fire you tonight.”

But Cena seemed to just look on as Orton dominated the match. At one point, Barrett even screamed at Cena, “What are you thinking about?” as Cena appeared to be daydreaming. Soon, however, Barrett began to take charge even without Cena’s help. At one point, the referee was knocked out, and ‘The Nexus’ poured into the ring to beat Orton down.

Just then, Cena jumped into the ring, and the crowd went wild, as Cena began eliminating Nexus members! Barret was livid, and asked Cena what he was doing. Cena pointed to the referee, who was coming to, “If you are disqualified, you lose!” he shouted.

This incident must have given Cena an idea of how he could outsmart Barrett, and outsmart him he did. As Orton looked to be about to win the match, Cena jumped into the ring… and slammed Barrett!

The crowd went crazy, the announcers were yelling, and Cena, nodding at Orton as the bell rang, went to return the belt, to Orton. Orton, however, failed to understand just yet what Cena had done, and slammed Cena.

Pretty soon it was obvious to everyone. Cena was ordered to help Barrett win the match. As soon as Cena interfered on behalf of Orton, Barrett won by disqualification. So Barrett won the match…..BUT, since a WWE Championship cannot change hands by a disqualification, Orton is still World Champion. Orton gets to keep his belt, and Cena gets to keep his job. It is a guarantee, however, that Wade Barrett did not go home last night a happy man.

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