Who made the honor roll on Rookie Blue?

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By Anita Thomas

One of this summer’s biggest hit on television is Rookie Blue on the ABC network. Rookie cops take to the streets and learn that their training didn’t prepare them for the real world of fighting crime.

Rookie cops Chris Diaz (Travis Milne) and his partner Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan) who are secretly dating are caught kissing in their squad car by Officer Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith). Dov who has a crush on Peck threatens to expose them since dating is not allowed between partners or training officers.

Officer Noelle notices that training officer Sam Swarek has brought her a cup of coffee as they walk to the precinct, Sam informs her that extra cup of coffee is not for her. Noelle is now curious as to whom Sam is falling in love with. Officer Swarek denies that he is falling for someone, but Noelle believes that extra pep in his step and the twinkle in eyes say otherwise. Could it be that he is falling for Andy is rookie in training?

Detective Luke Callaghan who also likes rookie cop Andy McNally goes to Sam to ask a favor, he wants to make sure that Andy doesn’t get caught up in a lot of paper work when her shift is over. Luke has plans to take Andy to the lake house to spend some time with her. A love triangle is about to unfold. Sam has one advantage, Andy has already made is clear to him physically that she is interested in him. Andy wants to talk to Sam about what happened between them, but Sam gives her the brush off when he learns that Luke and Andy have plans.

Rookie officers Epstein and Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma) are speaking at a school when a young girl suddenly has a seizure. The officers call medics to help assist the young girl, while the cops talk to friends of the student. While investigating officer Nash learns that a schoolmate has been supplyi ng the girl with amphetamines to loose weight to be popular at school.

While patrolling the area McNally and Diaz come across a man who has been beaten and left in the street. A witness tells them that two Jamaican brothers are more then likely the culprits of this crime. While investigating they talk to the brothers who identify two police officers that work at the precinct in another unit as the ones that did the crime. After more questions are answered, McNally and Diaz are now starting to realize that their fellow officers may be more involved then what they are saying. Talking to the victim they discover the two detective officers are involved in a money scheme and the beating victim knew about it. He was told if he said anything the officers would physically take care of him. Officer McNally and Diaz report what they know to their commanding officer where it is now under top investigation.

To watch episodes of Rookie Blue on ABC check your local television listings for times.

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