When Kylie’s got tailed by paparazzi, Hollywood style

March 25th, 2009 - 5:48 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

When Kylie's got tailed by paparazzi, Hollywood style In true Hollywood style, a proper chase happened between linking road and Mahim when a photographer of the British news agency tailed Kylie right from Powai till Linking road, Bandra. The photographer had been stationed and waiting at the gate of Renaissance since early morning. He finally saw Kylie’s entourage leave in the afternoon and gave chase. Even though Kylie had gone to shop incognito she had obviously been recognized by him. At Bandra the entourage realized that she is being followed. Of the 3 cars that were with Kylie, each went in a different direction to lose the photographer. One went towards Mahim, another went towards the station and the third went to Turner road. The paparazzi was, however, used to this and managed to keep tailing the correct car that had Kylie traveling in it.

When this tactic didn’t work, one of her local managers stopped this photographer and requested him to leave them alone. The photographer agreed and left. However, after 10 minutes they found him in the car following them yet again. This time the bodyguards decided that it was time for them to take some action since the first 2 tactics had failed. The bodygaurds took the car straight towards the photographer’s and stopped. Having done this, the bodyguards got off the car, approached the photographer but spoke to the car driver instead. In very clear terms the driver was told that if he continues to follow them nothing will happen to the photographer, however they will deal with the driver instead. This put the fear of God in the driver and the photographer. Needless to say no picture of Kylie was clicked while shopping and hence did not appear anywhere. -Sampurn Media
When Kylie's got tailed by paparazzi, Hollywood style

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