What would you do if you seen a hazing?

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By Anita Thomas

What would you do if you seen a group of girls on the street involved in a hazing? That’s what ABC television series “What would you do?” wants to know. A hidden camera and actors are used to create scenes that stir emotions in many people questioning their own ethics while the hidden camera crew from the network analyzes their reactions.

A hazing scene is created on a busy street in a college town. Three men who are actors are dressed in diapers, while three other men actors as well are humiliating them in public as a way of initiating them into a college sorority. One actor is tied to a street pole using saran plastic wrap while being forced to drink a bottle of rum. The rum is actually only water, but to bystanders it all looks real. Many people that passed by intervened to stop the ritual. Then they switch it up and replace the men with women. Young college girls are put on the street to imitate hazing and surprisingly more people do nothing. John Quinones, ABC Primetime news reporter along with psychologist decide to add more drama to the girls hazing. A female actor involved in the hazing scenario begins to cry for help. It is then when her cry for help echoes through the street that people step in to help her. If you witnessed a hazing that looked dangerous, involved heavy drinking and humiliation what would you do? Would you step in to stop it or pass on by?

In New Jersey it is a law that the pharmacist fill a prescription that is medically needed or prescribed by a physician. When a sixteen-year-old girl enters the pharmacy to fill a prescription for birth control the pharmacist refuses to fill her prescription saying it is against his moral judgment. For two days this scenario is played out at the pharmacy and only a one women spoke up in defense of the teenage girl. Other w ho witnessed the refusal to fill the prescription either agreed with the pharmacist or waited after the girl left to voice their opinion about the pharmacist. If you seen this happening at your local pharmacy what would you do?

For more reactions to real life ethical scenarios visit the ABC web site where you can also share your own stories of real life ethical decisions.

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