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July 17th, 2010 - 4:36 pm ICT by admin  

By Anita Thomas

ABC’s summer hit series What would you do? is back for another season and questions race issues and senior citizen drivers. The series sets people up in situations that sparks anger and passionate discussions that leaves the viewers wondering how they would react if placed in those same situations.

This episode starts with an elderly women realtor showing discrimination towards potential buyers. The realtor tries to delicately tell the house hunters that people of their race or even religion would not feel comfortable in the neighborhood. Others looking at the house as well over hear the realtor and while some ignore the remarks, many speak up and confront the women. Feelings of embarrassment and ignorance on the realtors part generate emotions that produce tears and anger.

A 92-year-old male driver gets into his car and then asks a passerby questions about using the ignition key. The young man offers to help the man start his car and then proceeds to guide him out of his parking spot. The senior citizen man obviously is demonstrating he should not be driving at all. While many men seem to think it is okay for the elderly gentleman to drive, women have another reaction even more so when children are involved. Two women refuse to let the man drive with the children he refers to as his grandchildren ride in the car. They very calmly talk to the children and explain to the man they need to call the girl’s mother, and then they call the police. Experts say these two women acted appropriately and did exactly what they should have.

ABC takes us to a playground filled with children playing when a little girl (an actor) is approached by a man asking her to help him look for his dog, with parents of other children nearby and watching do they let this little girl leave with the man? Amaze dly more times then not, people did nothing. Whether the little girl was acting to well in appearing to know the stranger or they just didn’t want to get involved, they did in fact let this little girl help this stranger. The ones that did intervene were in no way allowing the child to go anywhere with the male stranger. Using a rough shady looking male and then a preppy male in the same scenario those that did stop the child from leaving said appearance didn’t change the way they would have reacted. With so many children abducted every year, if placed in the same situation What would you do?

ABC’s What would you do? airs Friday night, check your local listings for times.

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