Weeds Season 5 Episode 3: The Best Episode uptil now

June 23rd, 2009 - 6:39 pm ICT by GD  

WeedsThe third episode of the fifth season of Weeds is considered to be one of the most interesting episodes in the whole of the Weeds series. The greatest part about the episode was that it provided some good laughs. In addition to this the episode also led to some interesting plot developments. Some consider this episode to be great because it does not contain anything that is horrifying and totally out of character just for the sake of stretching the story.

Monday’s episode provided some insight into the tortured history of Nancy Botwin, which always has some interesting angle to it. The third episode of season 5, which began from the 8th of June this year, also revealed a lot of plot similarities between the two series, Weeds and Breaking Bad. The greatest similarity of the two series lies in the similar developments of the two leads.

Fans call the third episode of the Season 5 as the best because it sees the bringing in of the two major characters Mary-Louise Parker and Jennifer Jason Leigh into one sphere. The other reason why the episode is so popular is because of Nancy’s new bodyguard, Sucio. Apparently, Sucio does not speak English and is too serious about protecting the household. In fact, he pulls a gun at anyone and everyone who steps into the house. This new introduction is surely giving the audience some great laughs. The other great aspect of yesterday’s episode was the steely performance of Elizabeth Perkins. Her role seemed to have become more substantial as her character was thoroughly integrated into the storyline.

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