Water is my poison - Ashmit Patel

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Water is my poison - Ashmit Patel Q. How would you define beauty?
A. When I wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror, its defined. (laughs) I think you can find beauty in everything, so its just the way you look at things.

Q. Do you like summer?
A. Yes apart from the humidity and heat, I like summer. I would prefer the summer if I were in another country, (laughs), specially in the west, where all the girls are in their skinny little shorts, skirts and you get to see a lot more, lot more Beauty.

Q. How do you take care of your complexion in summer?
A. With a lot of sunscreens during the day, very high SPF’s, may be 55 or 60 and rather than that I drink lots of water and lots of fresh fruits.

Q. What kind of liquids do you prefer to keep away from dehydration?
A. Water is my poison. I drink close to 4-5 liters a day because I work out a lot.

Q. What measures you take to prevent your skin from sun burns?
A. Lots of SPF’s.

Q. Do you avoid any kind of food habits in summer?
A. I probably stay away from eating heaty foods such as baingans. Mangoes, I can’t resist so what I do is I put them in water for half an hour or an hour before I eat them. It’s a grandmother’s home remedy for removing the heat, I don’t know how does it work or it makes sense or not.

Q. Is there any change in your fitness regime too?
A. Not really, I probably would not play outer sports. I don’t do that too much anyways, but I do like to go for hikes, and I like adventure sports, so during summer I probably do it less. I mostly stay indoors.

Q. Which place do you prefer to chill out in Mumbai?
A. I guess my parents home which is in south Bombay. It’s comfortable and South Bombay feels like a city, it doesn’t feel like you are living in a jungle like the rest of Bombay. Also, there I get pampered by my folks like by my mum, so it feels like I’m on a holiday.

Q. Which place do you prefer to spend your summer holidays?
A. When we were kids, we always spent it in Europe; every summer was spent in Europe but I like traveling and exploring new places, so anywhere where I haven’t been would be an ideal holiday destination. My current wish list is Istanbul.
– Jiya Pandit / Sampurn Media
Water is my poison - Ashmit Patel

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