Watched “True Blood” Season 2 Episode 2 On Saturday?

June 22nd, 2009 - 10:26 pm ICT by GD  

True Blood One of the most eagerly awaited programs this season has been the HBO show “True Blood”. The season 2 of the intoxicating drama premiered on television on June 14. On June 21, Saturday at 9 p.m on HBO, episode 2 “Keep This Party Going” was aired.

On episode 2, it is shown that Sookie is made to babysit Jessica forcefully. The episode does a lot to give a thorough insight in to Jessica’s character. We get to see the range of feelings she experiences where her family is concerned. When she, in a fit of anger, holds her father by the throat, we realize in full measure what she has become and what she used to be. Jessica, having reached the end of her patience, threatens to destroy her family.

Jason gets a chance to make a favorable impression on Steve and Sarah Newlin, at the Light of Day leadership conference. In the meanwhile, the viewers find that the mischievous Maryann has cast her spell on Merlotte’s patrons.
Sookie is found to be in a moral dilemma in the episode. In order to make Jessica settle easily in her new life as an undead, Sookie treads dangerous paths; along the way, having to deal with Bill’s obligation to Jessica too. Though Jason manages to make new friends, he finds an adversary in his jealous roommate Luke.

“True Blood” very deftly merges vampires myths, witches, and a Southern drama, with oodles of dry humor. Add to this the allure of sex and drugs, and bingo, we have a sure shot winner here. It is truly what it promises to be, an original show!

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