‘Warning’ - A 3D horror film, is Ram Gopal Varma’s next

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'Warning' - A 3D horror film, is Ram Gopal Varma's next By Joginder Tuteja

The film making ‘Factory’ is back. And Ram Gopal Varma is hitting back at his detractors with a vengeance. With a film announcement coming in practically every two months ['Rakta Charitra' with Vivek Oberoi wasn't too far away], Ramu is now already gearing up for another film. The film in question is ‘Warning’ with it’s USP being that it is going to be India’s first ever 3D horror film. Yes, you read it right

Ram Gopal Varma talks to Joginder Tuteja about his next venture.

What is ‘Warning’?

‘Warning’ belongs to horror genre. It is going to be India’s first ever horror film which would be made in 3D.

You have made horror movies like ‘Phoonk’, ‘Bhoot’, ‘Raat’ etc. in the past. What’s so special about ‘Warning’? Is it just another horror film?

No, it is not. The underlying concept of my ‘Warning’ is that if you think you have experienced everything there is to experience in fear then just wait for ‘Warning’.

Why 3D?

The extraordinary experience of an extremely heightened sense of realism is something that only 3D can create. This technology can have it’s best possible application in a horror film.

So what can a viewer expect?

In ‘Warning’, the viewer would no longer be removed from the happenings on screen. He would feel that he is up there along with the characters on the location and is in as much danger as they are.

Any incentives, like Rs. 5 lakh offer as widely publicised for ‘Phoonk’, for a viewer on watching ‘Warning’?

Well, this may not really be incentive but the tagline of ‘Warning’ is ‘You might die’. This will be India’s first 3D horror film with a 4D experience, the 4th dimension being ‘death’. I mean it.

So are you planning to name it ‘RGV Ki Warning’?

No such intentions (laughs). Let it be plain and simple ‘Warning’

Who is going to star in ‘Warning’?

As of now, only Riteish Deshmukh has been finalised.
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'Warning' - A 3D horror film, is Ram Gopal Varma's next

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