Wallace-Zulu: Deadliest Warrior combat

May 27th, 2009 - 8:17 pm ICT by GD  

Shaka Zulu battled it out with William Wallace in the 8th episode of Spike TV’s show, Deadliest Warrior.

Initially the show was ganging two groups to battle it out against each other. For the first time, it showed two individual warriors facing each other instead of clans. These were no ordinary men. They were two famous historical figures.

With Wallace against Zulu, it meant steel biting down on wood. Nevertheless, it was engaging to see the two face each other in terms of expertise and histrionics.

Zulu, with his lifetime of training as a warrior, is faster, agile and flexible with his light weight weapons. His short spear could have proved to be an able nemesis for Sir Wallace.

On the other hand, Wallace had the benefit of steel on his side, that can eat its way into wood, and could have rendered Zulu defenseless long enough for a clean strike.

In terms of valor and glory, both were well matched, each, a worthy craftsman with his weapon, which was the most interesting part of this episode, making it hard to bet on any one to win hands down.

William Wallace’s team used weapons like ball and chain, claymore, war hammer, targe and dirk. The Zulu team on its part used the spit of poison, zulu axe, lklwa, lshlangu and lwisa.

Having the benefit of superior weapons on his side, Wallace’s chances for victory were quite strong. Shaka Zulu put in his due in abundance to prove his mettle as a famed warrior though lacking in proper weapons to strike home a deathly blow. Only speed was on his side.

The result was a win for the William Wallace team.

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