Voting must be made compulsory in India: Aamir Khan

April 3rd, 2009 - 12:07 am ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Aamir Khan At the press conference held for an NGO called ADR (Association of Democratic Reform) Aamir Khan was very candid on his views about the upcoming Loksabha elections and many things related to politics. Here is a brief tête-à-tête with the actor-filmmaker.
Do you think voting must be made compulsory?
Yes I do think that voting must be made compulsory. I think in Australia it is mandatory for everyone to vote. We should try it here too.
Salman Khan has openly campaigned for a Congress candidate. Will you ever campaign in elections?
No, I don’t to campaign for anyone I am here to talk about ADR.
Can we see you contesting an election in the near future?
I am simply not interested in that. In politics you have has to follow your heart. But I am passionate about films so I follow films not politics. My aim is to reach out to people and make them aware of what is right and what is wrong.
Obama said YES we can. Do you think India needs a Obama like leader?
Yes we need a leader with a vision, intelligence honesty and political party who stands by this nation. We can hope for such a leader now by voting rightly.
Do you think 26/11 has made the common man aware of having a good leader?
Yes it has created a lot of effect on us. We are aware of what is good and bad now.
On what basis will you vote a candidate his character or integrity?
If the candidate has the right integrity he will have the right character too. So I would go for integrity.
Sanjay Dutt was hoping to contest the elections. Do you think it was right?
I don’t want to comment on any political party or candidate. I have taken a big step to make people aware to the right and wrong.
What are your views on Varun Gandhi?
It’s having a ripple effect. I can’t comment.
You are going on a vacation? Will you vote?
Yes I am going for a month on vacation with family but will come back vote and join them again.
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Aamir Khan

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