Valerie Bertinelli Returns In a Bikini

March 27th, 2009 - 12:15 am ICT by GD  

Valerie Bertinelli in bikini Former child star Valerie Bertinelli is all set to appear in a bikini to flaunt her new body and her endorsement deal with Jenny Craig. At 48, she lost 50 pounds to appear in the Kelly green string bikini and looked not a day more than 25. She showed off a gorgeous tan and her great new body and according to reports, “She wanted to get her bikini body back, and now that she has it, she’s sharing it with the whole world!” She will also appear on the Oprah Winfrey show on April 1, flaunting her new body and her new motto, “It’s never too late to get your body back!”

But how did Valerie get ready for the shoot? Apparenty the night before the shoot Valerie realized she had not stepped out in a bikini in iver 30 years and lost sleep over what to expect. She admits she was insecure, “I thought, Am I really going to do this? Can I pull this off?” but spoke to herself trying to boost that confidence with, “What am I so afraid of? Come on — it’s just a bathing suit!”

Not an easy job for a woman who only two years ago weighed over 172 lbs - that is more than 40 lbs over her ideal weight for her 5′4″ body. Nine months later she brought it down to 132 lbs with help from Jenny Craig. Valerie now works as Craig’s spokesperson for the company.

Valerie looks stunning on the cover of the People magazine this week in the green string bikini. She said she walked 10,000 steps a day and then hired a personal trainer to get the rest of the job done. She cut her calorie intake to 1200 from 1700 and said about her new body, “I never, ever, ever had deltoids! Oh my God, when I’m doing exercises and I see them pop out, I’m like, Yes!”

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