“Up”, movie redefines American beauty

May 30th, 2009 - 7:34 pm ICT by GD  

Friday saw the release of “Up”, A movie by Pixar. The movie has been reviewed by many as being one of the best 2009 releases till date. “Up” revives memories of such timeless classic adventures as those by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Jules Verne. Amazing shots of the American scenic beauty is captured in various moments in the film, making it eligible to be stacked in an anthology of great cinematic collections.

The story goes thus: Carl, a timid boy meets a boisterous and spirited tomboy, who dreams of adventure. In sequences of breathtaking and amazing beauty, the passing of days and months is recorded, so that we now have Carl and the girl all grown up. They get married. More time passes and we soon see them in their middle age, with Carl’s wife knotting his tie for him lovingly. One tie merges with the other and soon we have a succession of ties overlapping and blending, indicating once more the passage of time.

When the sequence gradually stops, we find Carl old and alone. Age and time have both taken their toll on him. He is a little cranky, a very lonely person. Looking at him no one would guess now that he has a wonderful love story to tell from his past. When it finally gets unbearable for him, Carl sets off in search of adventure. Attaching a thousand Helium balloons to his house, he heads for South America. He is joined by a Boy Scout and later gets to meet Carl’s childhood hero, a great explorer.

The voice to Carl is lent by Ed Asner, who does a lovely job, show casing the vulnerability with the right hint of defense. Jordan Nagai is the voice behind Boy Scout and Christopher Plummer is the voice for the great explorer.

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