Two Lunar And One Solar Eclipse To Be Observed In 2009

July 6th, 2009 - 8:54 pm ICT by GD  

eclipseThe month of July and August in 2009, will witness the night sky to light up in a rare series of astrological phenomenon. It seems that within a span of a month this year (2009), from July 7 (on Tuesday) to August 6, three eclipses are scheduled to take place; one solar and the other two, lunar eclipse. This opportunity is going to present a grand spectacle to all sky gazers across the world.

The first lunar eclipse is going to happen on July 7 and the next one is on the 6th of August. It is a common sense that the eclipses always have had a great impact on the world, sometimes having aroused great disasters in its aftermath or before its arrival. The first one will be a Penumbra Lunar Eclipse, a case in which the moon gets partially or completely darkened by the earth’s shadow.

There is going to be a Total Solar Eclipse on the 22nd of July. It is going to be of extreme importance because it is the longest one that will be witnessed on Earth in the 21st century, until the 13th June of 2132. NASA has published a picture depicting the eclipse’s path as has been projected by Fred Espenak and Jay Anderson.

An enthusiast who is eager to get a proper glimpse of this anticipated total solar eclipse needs to travel to the part of Asia, from where they could gain a first hand experience of the phenomenon. A little jaunting fact however is that some of these places are placed on the ‘travel alert’ radar.

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