True blood episode 4, the tale of vampires (Spoilers)

September 29th, 2008 - 7:51 pm ICT by David M N James  

This is the greatest vampire tale series. Sookie and Bill go out on a non-date. The aftermath is that the oldest vampire in Bon Temps is known. Jason downgrades from non-stop sex to non-stop masturbating, and Marilyn writes her shortest review ever. Sookie screams when she finds Dawn dead in bed. Jason is behind her and drops a glass at the sight of Dawn. Watching this episode is truly convectional. It all about sex and weirdoes, things you won’t mention in public and the issues of sex are all over it. Its like talking about an orgy.

Sookie reads everyone’s mind briefly. The coroner thinks Dawn has great boobs. Jason is manhandled and put in a police car, then realizes he still has that vial of vampire blood that he got from Lafayette, so he downs the whole thing, even though he was warned in the last episode not to have more than a drop or so at a time. Sam shows up to comfort Sookie. Sam has the key to Dawn’s storage because he’s her landlord. The coroner and some kid insensitively carry Dawn out in a body bag.

Bud and Andy question Jason back at the station. Jason is edgy, dashes to the bathroom, has a huge erection, and begins to relieve himself; he gets loud in the process. Andy and Bud wonder why the noise, Tara comes in and stand by Jason. Tara and Jason leave the station. Gran knows about Jason’s situation, and knows he’s not a murderer. She asks Sookie to use her telepathic abilities to listen out for something. Jason has sex every week, masturbates multiple times in one episode and develops a blister from it.

At the vampire bar Sookie is reading minds, and everyone’s thinking about sex sex sex. Bill and Sookie pop in the car. Sookie asks Bill to pull over; a squad car pulls up behind them. The officer asks if they were at Fantasia, and Sookie says they weren’t. The officer shines a light on Sookies neck. Bill’s extra pointy teeth come out. Bill warns the officer not to pull people over for suspicion of being a vampire. He keeps the gun as the stiff scared cop pees on himself. This is one piece of a vampire story that leaves you stiff scared and wondering what is next in the next episode.

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