Tropical cyclone Gustav rears an ugly head as weather expert’s start monitoring it

August 26th, 2008 - 3:49 pm ICT by David M N James  

Path of cyclone GustavA new threat in the weather conditions has been observed by experts off the coast of America. Tropical Depression 7 formed in the central Caribbean Monday morning and became Tropical Storm Gustav with 60mph winds in the afternoon.

The cyclone, according to the National Hurricane Centre will become a dangerous hurricane by Tuesday afternoon. National Hurricane Center in Miami project that, Gustav will head northwest toward Haiti and eastern Cuba. However, strong possibilities of Gustav heading to United States are very high. Gustav might head it heading toward South Florida or the Bahamas.

Experts have explained that Gustav’s steering flow is very weak also it’s weak in the upper air patterns. Gustav will affect Cayman Islands, Gulf of Mexico, Haiti and Cuba and if its direction eventually meanders it will be a much worse threat to Florida USA.

The tropical cyclone Gustav path has been defined as making a landfall in Haiti at hurricane strength with killer flash floods and mud slides from intense rainfall. This is the peak season for cyclones and hurricanes. The past few weeks have been made hellish by tropical storm Fay which has destroyed Florida and killed scores of people. Gustav is likely to destroy the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas, Port Au Prince, and later Florida. So far, reports indicate that Gustav winds are moving at 60mph and are rapidly gaining. It’s moving northwest towards Hispaniola. In nine hours, Gustav will begin hitting various coasts and cause massive destruction, rains and floods. Florida will suffer badly since the hurricane will have gained immense strengths and potential by the time it makes a landfall in the Florida coast areas like Key West.

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