Theatrical Movies Lined Up on Network and Cable Television for this Week

March 9th, 2009 - 10:03 pm ICT by GD  

Batman Begins On Monday “Batman Begins” airs at 8 pm. It is the first of the Batman series and reveals how Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale) becomes the costumed crusader against crime and speaks of the years we know nothing about. He is supposedly trained as a member of a hush-hush order of ninja-like vigilants before he puts on the cape and the cowl to be the guardian of Gothan City. Chritopher Nolan, the director, takes up a more real approach and focuses on the mental and psychological changes in Batman and Bruce rather than the usual heroics we have read about in comic books. Crude expressions, a moment of profanity and mature elements abound that give this feature film an A-III status. The Motion Picture Association gave this film a PG-13 because some violence and thematic elements may be unsuitable for children under 13.

On Tuesday “The Bridge at Remagen” show the Germans trying to destroy the lone bridge across the Rhine at the time of World War II. An American unit led by George Segal tries to prevent the destruction and capture it. Director John Guillerman does a good job in building up the tension and suspense though the acting is stiff and the characters are unable to portray a more fluid human relationships. Wartime violence and strong language makes the film A-III and the Motion Pictures Association of America rated it at PG. There are plety of material unsuitable for children.

On Thursday “That Hamilton Woman” will be aired and contains fact-based romantic accounts of an extramarital affair between Lady Hamilton (Vivian Leigh) and Lord Nelson (Laurence Olivier). The characters are treated well and the theme of marital infidelity is kept discreet. Unrated by the Motion Pictures Association, it got a A-II otherwise.

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