Theater/Psychology Alumni Terricka Cason on E! Reality Show

April 20th, 2009 - 3:44 pm ICT by GD  

When Terricka Cason graduated from college at 20, her highly educated East St. Louis family hoped she would become a lawyer. She did not, and her family understood it when she wanted to make a name for herself in modeling, acting and dancing. Today they are proud of their successful Terricka who is one of Hollywood’s “Candy Girls”.

“Candy Girls” is what E! calls its four young black women, Terricka, Brooke, Olivia and Blanca who dance in music videos, act as hostesses in celebrity parties and provide visual appeal in other events and also star in their own reality TV show.

How does this life suit Terricka, a bachelor’s degree holder in theater and psychology from California State University Northridge? She lives in Los Angeles now with her 4-year old daughter Jordan and says, “I’m not rich, but I’m on my way. I’m living good. I get to travel a lot, and most of my travel expenses are paid. I get to go to really elaborate events that most people only dream of. I meet a lot of A-list actors and entertainers, and I get paid for it.”

Her family is very proud of their little girl. Her aunt Karen Cason, 57, is a retired administrator in the East St. Louis School District 189 and says, “E! describes (Terricka) as the ‘feisty’ and ‘outspoken’ one. She’s very competitive, and she wants to be the best in whatever she does. She’s always been that way. She’s a very smart girl. … If she believes in something, she’s going to speak her mind, and that’s a little bit hereditary because we’re all like that. She’s a confident person.”

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