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December 16th, 2009 - 3:15 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

By Angela Kaye Mason
Rachael Ray Craig Ferguson was the first guest on “The Rachel Ray Show” today. He was so funny! He is celebrating his one-thousandth show on his series, “The Late Late Show”, and he has a new book ” America on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot.” Supposedly he is wearing only a kilt, shirt, and jacket for the picture on the cover. He then goes on to tell what caused him to fall in love with his wife, “I said something that made her laugh, and that’s what did it, when I saw her laugh, that was it.” He has an eight year old son named Milo. He said he tries to keep him away from bad influences, like t.v., and then he laughs. He brought everyone in the audience a copy of his new book. His show comes on at 12:35am EST on CBS. 

One of “The Rachel Ray Show”s recipes today was “Philly Cheesecake Stuffed Garlic Bread”. It looked absolutely delicious while Rachel was cooking it. You can get the recipe at this website: .

Kyan Douglas was the next guest. He is a famous hairdresser who has been on the show before. He described for us the five basic haircuts, which he called “The mother of all haircuts” and said that all other haircuts come from them. The first was a “Blunt Cut”. Cut number two was a long layer haircut. He explained that this one creates movement. The third haircut was a short layered haircut, more of a shag. This one is not to create movement, but shape. Then he showed us a “Graduated Bob”. This one is very short, and the under hairs are a little longer than he top hairs. The last cut was a very short layered cut, almost boyish looking. Then they brought in “Julie”, a woman who is about to turn 50 years old and has not cut her hair since high school. She decided to trust Kyan to cut it for the first time in 30 years. Her hair was four feet long.  Rachel laughed,”It’s as tall as me, I swear!” Kyan made the first cut on stage, and cut off about a three foot ponytail. She was then led backstage to finish the haircut. When she came back out, her hair was in a very cute and fun short bob. Rachel commented on how much younger she looked.

Today’s “What’s for Dinner” was a Roast Chicken Supper. The recipe for this one can be seen here: She added herbs under the chicken’s skin, buttered it really well, and placed it in a pan on top of carrots and potatoes, and onions, and such. She made a gravy to go over the whole dish, oh my goodness it looked scrumptious! Rachel had me wishing that I had the ingredients at home, but I do have a chicken, maybe I should run to the store…..

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