The office, season 5 episode 1 premiere; just as funny as expected

September 26th, 2008 - 5:58 pm ICT by David M N James  

The Office opening titleThe office closed its last season with a marriage proposal. The debut of season 5 episode 1 came with the premiere and a more diverse theme. The season premieres with relationships between so many people and you have to pick from ether so as to follow up the new season. The themes are picked from Angela and Andy’s engagement, Dwight and Angela’s affair, Jim’s inability to propose, Pam’s impending three-month schooling in New York, Jan’s pregnancy and the arrival of Michael’s new crush – HR lady Holly.

However, though the season is that much complicated, the episode one debut was able to cover all the subjects and themes in such a valiant manner and it was satisfactory. The Office is a unique comedy in which characters evolve, story-lines take seasons to play out and the mythology is never dispensed at the expense of the humor. Season five premiere was funny as anything from the previous four. The Office is a continued focus on staying the course, sticking to what makes The Office perhaps the best and most consistent all-around comedy. It is a very entertaining and compelling story of the times.

The episode covered Angela and Andy wreaking lots of laughs out of their difficult time planning their wedding. Also Angela was there all the way holding midday meeting with Dwight in the wear-house. Michael blew his chances with Holly at every chance he had though some specs of hope remains. Stanley joined a personal weight loss quest to trim and keep fit which is also good for you. Kelly rather than taking up such a initiative like Stanley’s, starves herself in various ways. Ryan made a come back to the office in the most awry and difficult of his demeanor. The office was just flamboyant if not hilarious and packed with more than a complex web of intrigues and laughs.

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