The most entertaining and provocative celeb quotes of 2007

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London, Dec 28 (ANI): Liz Hurley would probably eat more cheese and ham sandwiches and have a few more packets of crisps and KitKats, if she wouldnt have to model swimwear.

This is one of the quotes that has featured in the pages of the Day & Night column of the Daily Express online site, which has compiled an array of the most entertaining and provocative quotes of 2007, spoken by famous personalities.

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffes quote on baring all in the play Equus also featured in the list.

My leading lady Jo [Joanna Christie] is beautiful but, to be honest, when you get naked in front of 900 people, quite the opposite happens.

Sir Roger Moores recollection on James Bond also made it to the list.

If I ever forget my lines, I just sing: Kiss my ass, I come from Leeds. It works for me.

Ringo Starrs confession of being no big shot when it comes to playing the guitar was also one of the most amusing quotes of this year making it to the list.

I can only play guitar in E and I can play piano in C. Everything Ive ever written, if I played it on guitar I make it in E and if I play it on piano I do it in C. In those days [with the Beatles] and still to this day I only play three chords. Id write these songs and give them to George [Harrison] and he would put in 10 more chords, and they would think I was the genius.

Another quote that featured in the list was Dame Helen Mirrens comment on people, like comedienne Ruby Wax, bowing when they meet her.

Do people do that now? I really hadnt noticed, honestly. Ruby Wax did a very deliberate curtsey on the red carpet at the Baftas, but thats just Ruby.

Sylvester Stallones comment on how he disciplines his three children by threatening them with his films was also on the list.

If the kids are acting up, Ill say to them: Pack that in or Ill make you watch Tango And Cash or Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. They soon start behaving. (ANI)

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