The most common ways to die at work

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Melbourne , May 21 (ANI): There are many who go by the motto work is life, but now a new Government report in Australia has listed ways in which life can actually end at workplace.

Topping this list are vehicle accidents that may kill a person while he is at work.

However, these deaths resulting from vehicle accidents, which accounted for 46 per cent of deaths, do not include deaths while commuting to and from work.

Falling from a height is the second most common way by which people die at work and being hit by a falling object is third on the list.

These shocking discoveries were made by the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC), which released data on work-related deaths and occupational diseases recorded from 2004 to 2005.

According to this report, restaurant and cafe workers were the most likely to die while commuting to and from their workplace, while there was a steep rise in work-related cancer and mental disorders.

Also, the report indicated that 249 people died while working, a further 98 died while commuting to or from work, and another 58 died because of being a bystander to work activity.

Apart from electrical shock, which stood at sixth in the list, being assaulted was seventh in the list and accounted for 3 per cent of deaths.

“One death in the workplace is one too many. The release of these reports serves as a reminder to all of us that workplace safety is a priority, quoted ASCC chairman Bill Scales, as saying.

According to ASCCs report, top ways to die at work are:

1. Vehicle accidents accounted for 46 per cent of deaths. This does not include deaths while commuting to and from work.
2. Falling from a height (12 per cent).
3. Being hit by a falling object (10 per cent).
4. Being hit by a moving object (10 per cent).
5. Contact with electricity (7 per cent).
6. Being trapped between stationary and moving objects (6 per cent).
7. Being assaulted by someone (3 per cent).
8. Being trapped by moving machinery (2 per cent).


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