The List Of Stars, Who Have Lost And Gained Weight For Film Roles, Is Extensive

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June 15, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): Many film stars around the world have undergone tremendous weight reduction to fulfill their professional demands. Some have also increased their weight drastically for the same objective.

One such example is 50 Cent. Many observers were stunned when pictures emerged of the formerly 214-pound 50 Cent appearing emaciated. The rapper was well-known for his burly physique. To enact the character of a cancer patient in ‘Things Fall Apart’, the rapper-actor reduced from 214 pounds to an astounding 160 with a liquid dietary routine and treadmill walks for nine weeks that lasted for three hours every day.

After having gained weight for ‘Ali’, the generally 205-pound Will Smith modified his workout procedure to obtain a more sunken-in look to present himself in 2009’s ‘Seven Pounds’. He got rid of 15 pounds.

Matt Damon, the competent actor, was quite stocky in 2009’s ‘The Informant’. However, the 155-pound Damon was shrunken for his role in ‘Courage Under Fire’ in 1996. The actor was later unhappy with the crash diet since the weight loss proved to be detrimental to his health. The actor ran 12 miles a day for ‘Courage Under Fire’ and eliminated 40 pounds in 100 days. He devoured only chicken, egg whites, steamed broccoli and unadorned baked potatoes.

Daniel Day-Lewis, the compelling British method actor, shed 30 pounds to exemplify the role of an Irishman incorrectly accused of terrorism in 1993’s ‘In the Name of the Father’. He adopted a prison diet for attaining his character’s withered look. To arrive at the prisoner’s psychological state, he used up 48 hours in a prison cell consuming slop and having buckets of ice water poured on him. Daniel mentioned that all this is merely a component of a proficient actor’s job.

On an outlandish diet, Christian Bale plummeted from a healthy 184 pounds to 20 pounds below what his nutritionist recommended. The plummeting was to enact the role of an insomniac in 2004’s ‘The Machinist.’ Bale then gained a massive 100 pounds to enact a strapping Batman. For ‘The Machinist’, it seems that he consumed only an apple or a can of tuna per day and guzzled coffee. He lost an enormous 63 pounds.

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