The House Season 5 Finale

May 12th, 2009 - 2:34 pm ICT by GD  

The House Season 5 came to end with the season finale episode entitled, “Both Sides Now” on 11th May.

On the season finale of the “House” one fan of the series had to say this, “I’m saddened to know that House Season 5 will be ending. I am a “House” fan. House 2009 is one of the best TV series I watch. I, however hope for House Season 6. Will there be House Season 6 in the first place? I think so. And I will look out for the premiere of House Season 6.”

Well about the season finale episode of the “House” many bombshells were dropped as expected and one of the them was the discovery of the last week episode’s much talked about hookup between Cuddy and House which actually never happened at all.

The whole thing was just one of those House’s figments of imagination.

This revelation got everyone duped, but in these kinds of TV series a twist is always to be expected, however, none had expected the twist in the tale to be of the hallucinatory kind. But then if you reflect on the earlier episodes the signs were always there.

David Shore the creator of the series has always carefully qualified his comments on Huddysex, last January, he comments were, “Yes, we have figured out the details surrounding Huddy having sex,” to this he further added, “It definitely won’t be what people expect. We have to do things our way, the House way. We wouldn’t want to have the characters do anything out of character.”

From these comments of Shore one can deduce that, technically, he did not lie, he was just playing around with us a bit.

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