The Burqa Factor:Who’s trying to Sabotage Ayesha Takia’s Career?

January 22nd, 2010 - 2:09 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Who's trying to Sabotage Ayesha Takia's Career? Subhash K Jha

Was Ayesha Takia spotted in a burqa after marriage? Have her in-laws clamped down on her freedom to act in films? These are the rumours that one hears in the film industry.

Ayesha Takia is more amused than exasperated by attempts to put her into the retired-actress’ bracket after marriage.

The word being spread is that Ayesha has married into an ultra-conservative family where acting is perhaps not permitted.

“I’m amazed at the games people play. The other day someone asked me if I’ve started wearing a burqa after marriage,” laughs Ayesha. “Far from feeling clamped I now have the freedom to do more things than before. My parents-in-law are cool about my business ventures with my husband and my film career.”

“And that’s so ridiculous,” says Ayesha with a laugh. “Farhan and I went around together for five years before marriage. So there goes the convervative card. Suddenly after we make it official I hear all kind of rumours including the fact that I’m out of Revathy Varmha’s film and that I’ve been replaced by some other actress.”

Says Ayesha, “I’ve never felt the need to grab roles. I’ve got what I wanted. And it will continue that way. I always felt Wanted would be the first big hit of my career. Ironical that it should come now after my marriage. And I’ve got more to do in it than the leading lady in a Salman vehicle would be expected to. In fact I was blown away by the way I was presented. And why should I give up a dream role like the one in Revathy’s film? She’s new to the Mumbai industry and quite nervous about these controversies.”

Revathy Varhma and Ayesha’s mother are very close friends. “Revathy comes home regularly. We all laugh at the way the casting is being questioned by people who probably have nothing better to do.”

Ayesha now intends to focus on new business venture. “I started working in films when I was only 15. And I just realized I’ve been at it since then. I need to venture out. It’s time to try out new things in life. Today a young woman has so many opportunities to do so many things. I’m fortunate to have a name and a face that’s recognizable. I want to use that to my advantage and start a clothes line by the middle of next year.”

Ayesha, her mom and sister Natasha are going to be partners in the garment business. Laughs Ayesha, “All three of us are very excited about doing the clothes line. We love fashion it’s basically for the girls in the family.”

Ayesha’s husband Farhan will be there to help his wife and her family with the clothes line. “Yes, Farhan’s there to help us women in every way possible.”

Marriage hasn’t changed Ayesha. “I’m the same. I always will be. Post-marriage I’m exactly the same. That could be because I was seeing Farhan from long before. Psychologically we were married long before. It feels like we were serious about each other forever.”

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Who's trying to Sabotage Ayesha Takia's Career?

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