The Amazing Race 14 winners are Tammy Jih and Victor Jih

May 11th, 2009 - 7:27 pm ICT by GD  

The Amazing Race 14 winners are Tammy Jih and Victor Jih.Tammy Jih and Victor Jih win Amazing Race 14 inspite of poor teamwork at times. Their victory is in large part due to their dynamics of big brother-little sister. They were undoubtedly a strong team who deserved to be winners. Tammy is supposed to have said that the race was instrumental in boosting their relationship.

The second place was occupied by the brother sister duo of Jaime & Cara, and Jamie feels responsible for the loss as she was not able to remember the church from the first leg. Cara however doesn’t want his sister to feel entirely responsible because its a team game he says.

In third place were Margie & Luke. Tammy and Victor the smart pair, both with law degrees from Harvard. Tammy, a litigator by profession, feels that the key to her success in the race is capability of keeping cool even under pressure. She can be perfectly calm and composed even when she gets little or even no sleep. The one thing that she does not really like a lot about her brother is his dominating nature. It came to light even more during their recent trip to China when Victor planned everything, down to the minute. Victor is a corporate litigator. He is participating to find out how he and his sister co-exist in the very very competitive environment. He thinks his sister to be childish and selfish at times, and he expects that the Race is going to change that.

Victor has complete faith in his decisions and wants his sister to do as he says, “the one thing common to both of them is that they have traveled a lot and have great confidence levels about winning the million dollar prize.”

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