Teeth tattooing is Bangalores latest fad

August 8th, 2008 - 9:17 pm ICT by ANI  

By Sughosh Nigale
Bangalore, Aug.8 (ANI): The fascination to get ones skin tattooed in the right places has been given a new meaning in Bangalore with many youngsters getting their teeth tattooed.
Believe it or not, youngsters are drawn to it this trendy look.
Of late, getting tattoos done on hands, shoulder, back, neck, face, ears and chin has emerged as a major charm youngsters, especially in the cities. Though tattoos have traditionally been popular in India, but of course, the method purpose and belief related to it has changed over time through shape, design and material. No wonder, tattooing has been attracting its admirers beyond age.
According to Dr. Mir Pooya Mozaffary, who has developed this latest concept of teeth tattooing, it is a simple procedure, without any side effects to the teeth, gums or skin. It takes just five to 10 minutes to get teeth tattooing done.
Its been two-and-a-half years since Dr. Pooya developed this new concept here.
” We started with gems and semi-precious stone tattooing. But because of the demands we developed other different tattoos one-and-a-half years back. Now we do the teeth tattooing similar to the skin tattooing but not as invasive like the skin ones. There is no cutting, no blood and no side effects even,” said Mir Pooya Muzaffary, teeth tattoo expert and owner of Pooya Clinic.
Earlier, people used to visit him to get precious stones placed on their teeth. It encouraged the innovative idea of teeth tattooing. Dr. Pooya developed the idea and successfully applied it.
Today, apart from his patients, many people throng to his health care centre for teeth tattooing. For many of them it adds to their new look and prestige in their society. For some of them, teeth tattooing has given them a distinct identity and for others it is their fashion statement.
For Hamjid, who works in used car outlet, it is a way that can add charm to his business dealings. His work involves meeting high class and upwardly mobile people, and thus, he believes getting his teeth tattooed would give him a distinct identity before them.
” I know Doctor Pooya for eight to nine years and I usually visit his clinic to get my teeth cleaned. When I noticed other persons applying the tattoos even I decided to give it a try,” said Hamid, a customer.
Though people in their mid-40s approach Dr. Pooya, their number is not that big. Teeth tattoos have become more and more popular among the students too. It is the young crowd that likes the teeth tattooing the most.
When Ashkan, a dental student went to college with a precious stone shining on his front teeth, everyone, including his lecturers, were surprised and complimented for the new look. It inspired Ashkan to get more tattoos done.
A tattoo on the teeth costs around rupees 2,500 to 4,000 depending on the design, shade and stone. As the substances used during teeth tattooing are the same, which are used for the teeth treatment, there are no side effects, claims Dr. Pooya. (ANI)

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