Technology meets tango: Steve Wozniak in Dancing With The Stars

May 20th, 2009 - 6:42 pm ICT by GD  

Starry, starry nights couldn’t have gotten more dazzling than it did on yesterday’s Season finale of celebrity spangled dance contest “Dancing with the stars“. The final crescendo to this spirited foot-tapper came every bit as much in style as the rest of the season 8 had been. Amidst heightened anticipation and adrenaline pumped performances, the viewers also got a flash of choicest Dancing With The Stars moments, ranging from celebrity moves to candid confessions.

While Dennis Richards was seen talking about how much her daughters loved to dance, Steve O’s foxtrot and Steve Wozniak’s extremely popular worm’ were relived, much to the delight of all those watching. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s dancing skills, of course, received it’s due share of audience interest. The “Apple” of the cyber world’s eye (quite literally, so!), Wozniak’s Argentine Tango partnered with champion dancer Karina Smirnoff, brought out a whole new lesser known dimension to the cyber-moghul’s multifaceted persona.

Known popularly as the brain behind the apple that changed the world of computer electronics, Wozniak started off as a designer of calculator chips at Hewlett-Packard, before going on to co-found Apple along with Steve Jobs. His current business interest as revealed recently, is the manufacture of multi-functional electronic chips. Of course, his penchant for tango was something that took the corporate as well as the media community by pleasant surprise. Apparently it’s not just an apple a day which keeps the doctor (and all other not so pleasant things) away, but so also does a little jiving to some groovy beat.

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