Sudeep makes ‘Gooli’ more than a gangster flick

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(Kannada Review)
By R.G. Vijayasarathy
Film: “Gooli”; Cast: Sudeep, Mamata Mohandas, Kishor, Bhavya, Lakshman; Director: P. Sathya; Producer: Ramu; Music: Anoop; The first impression you get after seeing “Gooli” is that Kannada cinema deserves some top-class directors to extract the best out of the powerhouse of talent that is Sudeep.

Director P. Sathya has created enough sequences that give Sudeep a platform for his performance. But it is also a fact that the actor has gone beyond the boundaries of the script to deliver a terrific performance - especially in the climax, which is the film’s major plus point.

In the process, “Gooli” emerges as better than the routine gangster films released so often these days.

But the film has its failings, too.

Convincing performances have not been forthcoming from many other actors. The right artistes have not been selected for some important roles. Therefore, many sequences that do not feature Sudeep look totally diluted.

Sathya has penned punchy dialogues for every actor, and this does not serve the film’s cause well. Characters from different backgrounds speaking similar lines can only seem unreal to the audience.

Palaniraj’s choreography in the first two action scenes is stunning. And the fight-less climax comes as a surprise to the audience.

The film tells the story of Gooli, an underworld don with a heart of gold. College student Ramya understands him. Sensing her closeness to him, a rival gang abducts her. Gooli rescues the damsel in distress and declares his love for her.

He wants to lead a reformed life with Ramya, but now the girl’s brothers play the spoilsport. After many twists and turns, there is a message-oriented climax, which really leaves an impact on the audience.

Music director Anoop churns out two memorable songs, but his background score is even better.

“Gooli” will certainly please Sudeep’s fans, but it won’t disappoint others either.

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