“Steve-O: Demise and Rise” is the top new documentary offered by MTV

May 4th, 2009 - 10:47 pm ICT by GD  

MTV’s new documentary “Steve-O: Demise and Rise” is already topping all the listings. It was aired for the first time on Saturday; those who have missed it need not worry because it will be again showed on Wednesday. The documentary is about this young man, Steve-O who always seems to land himself in trouble. The movie begins with Steve-o as a part of the former MTV stunt show, “Jackass” and ends with his triumph over the ugly part of his life.

The film documents, Steve-o’s journey through alcohol, drugs, unnatural craziness. In the show he makes a living out of his crazy antics as he skateboards dangerously, falls into animal dung, lets dogs bite him and other such mad stuff. And these antics bring fame to him. The viewers will be shocked out of their wits as they see him snorting cocaine, huffing from nitrus canisters and gulping down booze in large quantities. The only thing that keeps him connected to the reality is the video camera.

From this phase in life, Steve-o descends to the most miserable phase in his life. When his friends notice this they come to his rescue and take him to a psychiatric ward. In this place, the 12-step program begins to have positive effects on Steve-O. The movie ends with Steve-O triumphant appearance in the show “Dance with the Stars.” The movie can be looked upon as a cautionary tale which has a happy ending.

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