Staying fit Mithun ishtyle

March 31st, 2009 - 2:57 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Staying fit Mithun ishtyle Mithun Chakraborty nowadays seems to be undergoing through a reverse aging process just like in the multi Oscar nominated The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He is not only looking fitter but also more powerfully built than ever before. When probed the secret behind the same the multi National Award winning actor revealed that it is because he is on a new health and diet regime for his warrior like role in Veer. A source reveals it has been Salman Khan who has been the inspiration for Mithun’s new fitness regime.

“I always make it a point to hit the bed by 11 pm and I am up by 5 am. Presently I have increased my weight training, but my cardio of 45 minutes is the same. I don’t eat breakfast, in fact since my struggling days, I have never eaten breakfast and in case I do, my stomach gets upset. So my first meal is at lunch, when I eat my two rotis, dal and sabji. My day snack is Sandwiches. However, I save the best for last. My dinner is two bowls of rice with my favourite, fish curry. I have cut down on chicken and mutton. My daily calorie intake is 1500 and I manage within that.” Mithunda reveals.

He has been in the industry for three long decades now and admits to have never done physical workouts when he was a young guy. But he candidly says, “Today things have changed for people in the limelight and a good body is a must.”

We just hope his son Mimoh takes a few cues from him and gets back in shape for his next release.
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Staying fit Mithun ishtyle

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