Star Wars: The Old Republic premiere at E3

June 2nd, 2009 - 8:04 pm ICT by GD  

The trailer of “Star Wars: The Old Republic” made its debut on The MMo video game premiered at Monday’s Electronic Entertainment Expo or the E3. The trailer, complete with CG sequence and flash bolts, was an amazing clip. Though there was no trace of the actual game play, Star wars fans could not be heard complaining.

The Old Republic is set in the pre Luke Skywalker and Han Solos era, long before the might of Darth Vadar came into force and as subsequently crashed. It is set 3,500 years before all the events put forth in the movies and 300 years after the happenings of the last “Star Wars” game “Knight’s of the Old Republic”.

The focal point of the “Old Republic” is the enormous galactic war that rages between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The Galactic Republic is known an ally of the Jedi. Players will be able to make a selection from among a number of characters like Bounty Hunter, Trooper, Smuggler and few more that are yet to be announced.

The game proceeds with the arrangement of a peace talk between the Republican leaders and the Sith Empire. Due to the deceptive nature of the treacherous Siths, the Republicans are accompanied by the most powerful Jedi. The party travels to Alderaan. But true to their nature, the Sith had used the peace talk as a decoy to lure away the strongest of the Republican warriors from Coruscant. They use this as a chance to move in to attack.

The agenda is simple. Siths want to destroy the defense grid mainframe of the Republican’s planet that is hidden in the heart of the Jedi Temple. Lord Angral moves ahead with sheer grit to obtain his goal.

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