“SRK is still family” - Mushtaq Sheikh on rumors of his ‘breakup’ with King Khan

April 3rd, 2009 - 3:34 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

By Joginder Tuteja

Even though a recent tabloid report stated that Shah Rukh Khan and close friend cum associate Mushtaq
“Shah Rukh Khan is still very much a family”, Mushtaq tells Joginder Tuteja, hence curbing another rumor that hardly threatened to break ties that date back by more than a decade.

Seems the ‘power of source’ has become bigger than the ‘power of pen’, isn’t it?

Yes, and the instead of the source giving credibility to the journalist and the story, it’s the journalist who is insisting that the source is credible, by calling it a RELIABLE source

So for how long did you actually laugh after reading the article?

Long enough for my neighbors to step in to ask what was the matter

And what happened once the laughter subsided?

Irritation set in. The article suggests that I had hardly worked in the writing of “Om Shanti Om’. Hello, why would Farah Khan give credit to someone who did not work for a movie? It was also said that “Billu Barber’ was a flop. Come on, why would Priyadarshan purposely make a film an average grosser because of me? Phew By the look of it, if all this was possible- I should be the number one in the “all time” Filmfare power list. The imagination of this sucker shocks me.

Looking at stuff like this coming in print, isn’t the writer in you only inspired by the very fact that it is so easy today to cook up ‘masala’ stories?

Good god, I hope not Only bad writers seek inspiration from tabloids. This is so cheesy, so tacky. I can’t believe you just used the word “inspired” in the same breath as this “story”. (Laughs) Now I feel like suing you.

Of course in such a scenario, even I can’t help wonder - ‘What was Shah Rukh’s’s reaction to the entire episode?’

If Shah Rukh Khan was to react to this rubbish he would have been busy each day of his life till retirement. He has always told me to take all this with a pinch of salt and move ahead in life…

So together, are the two of going to paint the town red declaring your friendship to the rest of the world? Or are you probably going to bash the office/journo from where the article originated?

Life goes on as usual. I have replied to my friends and readers who wrote in after this but this thing has nothing but a nuisance value. Why waste even an iota of energy on something like this? But sad for the gossips, Shah Rukh is still very much family. They will have to wait for this exciting news… Or next time they would have to wish harder. -Sampurn Media

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