So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Episode 17

November 25th, 2009 - 6:04 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

By Angela Kaye Mason

So You Think You Can Dance The show opens with Cat Deeley introduces our judges, Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgo. Each of the six remaining couples danced two dances each, and instead of describing them in the order they were done, I will tell you each couples’ two performances and what the judges said about each one.

Eleanor and Ryan

Tonight was the last time the “ So You Think You Can Dance” couples danced together, so they were asked what they would miss the most about each other. The first couple was Eleanor and Ryan. He said he would miss her fun, perky, energetic personality, and she said she would miss his perfectionism. Then she gave a mischievous grin and added, “And he’s buff!”

For their first dance, this couple did a Lindy hop choreographed by Carlie Hinee. They performed to “I’ve Got To Be a Rug Cutter”Adam said it was fantastic start to finish and they both looked as cute as all get out. Mary shouted, “You bet your biffy I was clapping!I loved it, It was a stunning routine.” and added that the founder of the Lindy hop, Frankie Manning would have been proud. Nigel finished with, “I thought it was terrible”….(followed by a pregnant pause” then smiles and raises his voice to add, “that they haven’t had the Lindy hop on the previous seasons! It was terrific, thanks!”

For their second routine, Eleanor and Ryan performed a dance in which he was a puppet master, if you will, and hypnotized her into being a puppet in his hands. It was cute, she danced with doll-like movements. Adam said that this dance was totally the Broadway and style and “You guys nailed it! Beautifully done, Eleanor, you were a rock star and Ryan, you were great!”

Mary added, “Holy Smokes, Ryan you really dug in and got in character. You are a true professional dancer, and Eleanor, you bring something unique to the table, yourself. You are the “IT” girl.”

Nigel stated, “I loved the choreography and I loved you two. You added yourselves to the routine and you tow were awesome! I can see you two in the top 10.”

Kathryn and Legacy

Kathryn and Legacy were the second couple. Legacy said he will miss her helping him with his body and techniques. She will miss his presence. Their first routine was a Jazz dance choreographed by Sonya. The song was “So Deep” By Hot Chip. They did a very sexy, flirty jazz routine.

Adam said it was a beautiful routine that cased Legacy’s talents, and that they have beautiful chemistry together. He added that he hated to see then break up, and that it was fabulous.

Mary told Legacy that he was the best crab-walker ever, that he was outstanding and that Kathryn was just drop dead gorgeous. She went on to suggest that they were walking into the top ten.

Nigel said it was one of his favorite routines of the season. “Kathryn you were incredibly sexy and mature, and Legacy, you did incredible stuff, I was impressed by your musical instincts that I didn’t think you had at the beginning of the season. I believe you are both in the top ten.”

Legacy and Kathryn’s second dance on “So You Think You Can Dance” tonight was a Viennese waltz to the song “Your Guardian Angel” It was quite beautiful.

As Adam started to give his judgment, he noticed Legacy crying and asked him why. “Because I can show everyone that there is hope, that anyone can do it” he answered. The judges went on to joke, saying “How can we be mean after that?”

Adam says that Legacy was extraordinary and that Kathryn was gorgeous, and that they had a great night tonight.

Mary expressed that although it wasn’t the greatest Viennese Waltz, it was good and she thinks they will both be in the top ten.

Nigel added how great Legacy’s statement was, and that it would cause them to turn a blind eye to the fact that the performance might not have been as good as they thought he could do. He went on to say that he is not sure they will make it into the top ten because it was going to be a tough night.

Karen and Victor

This was a brand new couple tonight on “So You Think You Can Dance”, since they both lost their partners last week. They performed a tango to the song “Montserrat”

Adam said that their new partnership worked well and congratulate them for having great poise and posture, hot chemistry and doing a great job.

Mary added that it was really good, that Victor’s performance was a huge surprise and that Karen looked tremendous.

Nigel finished by saying that they looked really happy together, that their outfits and chemistry were both beautiful, but warned Victor to be careful of his swayback. He then told Karen that she had the same quality as Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, and that together they were magical tonight.

Karen and Victor’s second dance tonight on “So You Think You Can Dance” was a hip hop routine by Laura Ann Gibson to the song “Moving Mountains” by Usher. Adam said, “This was an interesting one for me. There was a lot of intensity, I didn’t think that it quite matched the music, but you both danced it great.”

Mary added, “It was okay, you guys, nothing memorable, nothing to latch onto, but it was okay.”

And Nigel finished with, “Yes it is ad that you did it this way round. The tango was so great, but there was just no chemistry on this one. Its best I shut up now, sorry.”

Nathan and Mollee

Mollee said she will miss Nathan’s weird noises, and he told us he will miss her laughter because it brings positive energy. For their first routine of tonight’s “So You Think You Can Dance” they did a very cute Hip Hop routine about Thomas Edison (Adam) and his assistant(Mollee) inventing the telephone. It was danced to the song “Ring-a-Ling” by The Black Eyed Peas. Adam mentioned the fact that Mollee had hurt her ankle and that made the dance a bit off, but that they were really selling it tonight. Mary added that it picked up steam as it went along, and that it was fun, mostly synchronized, a great job.

Nigel said that he thought they both needed more mature partners and that the break up would be good for them both.

For their second dance, Nathan and Mollee danced the first Cancan ever performed on “So You Think You Can Dance”.It was choreographed by Tyson Diorio to the song “Cancan Suite”.

Adam said “You guys were the perfect couple to introduce this style because it is like a jumping energizer bunny. Really really good!”

Mary shouted, “Don;t let anybody tell you that you can’t dance with your ankle cause you CAN CAN!!” and added that is was so enjoyable and so much fun.

Nigel ended with, “ I thought you did great with all the energy that this dance demanded and I agree that you were the perfect ones to introduce it. Great way to end the show.”

Noel and Russell

Noel will miss Russell’s laid back attitude and he will miss her affection.

The next “So You Think You Can Dance” couple of the night was Noel and Russell. They danced to a Samba choreographed by Tony and Meredith to the song “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira.

Adam expressed that he enjoyed it, nut that for him they were too nice and sweet for this kind of dance, not a dirty enough Samba.

Mary said that it felt shallow, but the performance was great. She was a bit disappointed. Nigel went on to say that he agreed with Adam, it needed more sexuality from Noel, that it was clinical, but that he still cannot believe that Russel hasn’t had any other lessons. He added that he thought it was going to be a tough evening.

Their second dance was a Tyson Diorio contemporary dance routine to the song “A Case Of You” He told the dancers that they were to be the paint tonight and to paint their relationship with the dance.

Adam said “The dancers truly are the paint, and you guys were just gorgeous. I think after that, you guys aren’t going anywhere!”

Mary said that it was special, endlessly flowing, and it was out of this world.

Nigel finished with “This dance will leave us something to remember you two by.”

Ashleigh and Jakob

The next couple on “So You Think You Can Dance” was Ashleigh and Jakob. Ashleigh said she would miss his friendship and he said that there were no words for how much he would miss her. They danced a routine by Sonya to the song “ Time Flies” by Lykke Lie.

Adam said, “this was so beautiful that I do not know what to say. I am so sad to see this partnership end.” Mary added that you cannot fake the chemistry that these two have, and Nigel ended with, “I’ve told a lie tonight. I said that my favorite routine of the night was a jazz routine by Sonya., but THIS routine by Sonya is now my favorite, and I want to express my love for Sonya’s work on National T.V.” He went on to say that Jakob and Ashleigh had given each other something special.

For their last routine, on tonight’s “So You Think You Can Dance”Ashleigh and Jakob closed with a Cha Cha to the song “Cha Cha Heels” by Rosabel.

Adam delightfully exclaimed, “This is Ashleigh’s world and we are all just living in it. You both did great! You killed it!”

Mary added, “Without question, both your numbers blew us out of the park tonight, Great job! Wow!”

Nigel ended with, “ Jakob, you were a fish out of water but you certainly didn’t look it. Really good Cha Cha routine. You two are waltzing through to the top 10.”

Great show tonight. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see who gets voted off. Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesdays and vote for your favorite!

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